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How To Spend Less Than 24 Hours In Cozumel Mexico

How To Spend Less Than 24 Hours In Cozumel Mexico

There are a few things that are dead giveaways to whether you are or aren't a total beach bum who went to college by the beach. These signs prove that.

Cozumel, Mexico, a beautiful island just off the Yucatan Peninsula and a very popular stop for cruise ships. So I am guessing if you are reading about spending some hours in this amazing spot, you are likely a cruise goer… if so, I got you covered. Even though this island is only 30 miles long, it has just as much to offer as many mainland ports. So wither you fancy a day at the beach or a deep sea dive, Cozumel has something for you… now you just have to decide what to pick.

1. Scooters- If you want to get away from the crowds and see as much of the island as you can… a scooter might be the choice for you. Before my cruise, I read over and over how dangerous scooters were on Cozumel, and of course I didn’t listen and rented a scooter straight away. Honestly, I am so glad I did, as long as you know how to drive one (it is fairly easy), this method of transportation is perfect for the island. You get to see almost everything, pull over whenever and wherever you want, and not be in a large excursion group.

2. Dive- Cozumel is home to some of the best diving spots in the world, and you have the opportunity to dive there, take it. My friend and fellow cruise goer was lucky enough to already be certified and was able to spend her time on Cozumel doing two dives. I was pretty jealous to say the least.


3. Mayan Ruins- The Island does have some Mayan ruins that you can stop at if you take the scooter option, or even a guided tour, but they don’t really compare to what the mainland offers. If you have never seen Mayan ruins and that is something that interests you, you might want to consider leaving Cozumel and taking an excursion to Chitzen Itza. The large Mayan archaeological site does not disappoint and can be reached by ferry from Cozumel. The only reason my husband and I did not go this route is because we had both been to ruins in Mexico and Belize before, but if you haven’t experienced it, it is worth the trip.

4. Beach Day- There are a lot of resorts on Cozumel, at least from what I could see. If you have Cozumel set aside as your rest/beach day, you may want to do a little research on which resort suits you best. Yes you can find public beaches on the island, but the resorts have the best coastline and they offer day passes for cruise goers. The benefit of these passes is that you get prime swimming spots, drink service, beach chairs, even Wi-Fi… I opted for this once I returned my scooter, and I can say that even though I was only there for 3 hours, it was worth every penny.

5. ATV/Zip line/ Adventure- I will always recommend the adventure excursions, and Cozumel has no shortage of them. Sure, they take up the entire day and you won’t get to see much of the island, but they are so much fun. So, if you haven’t already signed up for one of these adventure days in your other ports, Cozumel is a great place to do it.  Resort day passes get you the best swimming spots on the island. Exploring the endless coastline of Cozumel.

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Even the buildings are beautiful in Cozumel.