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How To Spend A Day In Paris Just Like Blair Waldorf

How To Spend A Day In Paris Just Like Blair Waldorf

With reboot underway, it’s time to reminisce over the original show. Looking back, Gossip Girl was one of the defining teen drama shows of the 2000s. Sure it’s cheesy and filled with over the top story lines, but the show still managed to be lovable with its cast of characters. Even with one of the most controversial endings in TV history, we still can’t help but love the show’s oozing drama and extravagantly dressed characters.

Even when the plot seemed to get little weird, everyone was still wishing they could live rich lifestyles like the characters. After all, who doesn’t want to spend their days riding in a limo and dining at New York’s hottest restaurants?

But of course the most iconic part of Gossip Girl has to be Blair Waldorf. The well dressed queen bee was the star of the show. Aside from being sassy and strong, she was also confident and had some of the most memorable moments in the show.

One such moment has to be her adventure in Paris. We were totally jealous of Blair when she was strolling around in the city of love. Her luxurious trip might seem made for TV, but there are many things in Paris you can do similar to what she did. So whether you just would like to dream or are actually planning a trip to Paris, here’s how you can spend a day in Paris just like Blair!

1. Drink Wine At Chez Julien

Remember that scene where Blair and Serana are talking in Paris at the café? That café is real and you can find it in the Le Marais district. Just like Blair, you can grab a wine and sit outside the nice cafè. Reviews for the cafe are good, and many note that the ambiance is nice and the food is great.

How To Spend A Day In Paris Just Like Blair Waldorf

2. Go Shopping At Avenue Montaigne

This was one of the locations where Gossip Girl filmed for the Paris scenes were filmed. You can go here and shop for Chanel, just like Blair and Serena did. But if you’re not too keen on Chanel, there are plenty of other designer brand stores to check out too here. From Louis Vuitton to Fendi, there are so many stores so you can really shop to your heart’s content!

How To Spend A Day In Paris Just Like Blair Waldorf

3. Visit Musée d’Orsay

This museum is where Blair starts her romance with the prince Louis Grimaldi. You can visit the Manet painting where they meet at the top of the building or simply explore what other beautiful art the museum has to offer. It’s definitely worth a visit because the museum has so much to offer.  Taking a shot by the clock at the top is definitely worth it too, because it provides a great view of the city.

How To Spend A Day In Paris Just Like Blair Waldorf

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4. Dine At Baccarat

This is where Serena and Blair go on their double date. The place is actually a crystal museum where you can look at beautiful crystal structures. But there’s also a fancy restaurant there just like in the show that has tons of crystal chandeliers, making the ambiance beautiful. You can get some fancy champagne here or just look at the crystals.

How To Spend A Day In Paris Just Like Blair Waldorf

5. Sample Some Sugary Snacks From Laudree

While in Paris, Blair is “sampling sugary snacks like a modern Marie Antoinette.” You can eat treats just as sweet as the ones seen on TV by visiting the Laudree store in Paris. The store offers some world famous macaroons and other sweets too. You can get even them in a cute box too. 

How To Spend A Day In Paris Just Like Blair Waldorf

Are there any other ways to spend a day in Paris like Blair Waldorf? Comment below and tell us!

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