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How To Socialize On Social Media

Social media has become a part of everyday life. We are constantly checking each platform to see what is happening around us. We’ve all bounced between the same platforms for hours on end! If you are new to the social media game or want to get better at it, here are some ways to socialize on social media.

1. Reach Out To Family And Friends

Many of you have friends and family that live out of area. Sometimes, you can jump into a car or plane and go for a visit. Other times that’s just not possible, especially now during quarantine. If you’ve been missing them something fierce, connect with them on social media! You can stay up to date with how they are doing and look at photos they’ve posted. Facebook has even added a new feature called Rooms. It allows you to video chat with friends and family. This way you can visit them, without having to take the trip.

2. Follow People And Interests

If you have someone or something on your mind, go ahead and follow them. They can be family, friends, old coworkers, celebs etc. You can reconnect and reminisce about old times. If you follow a celeb of sorts, you can keep yourself entertained with their antics (all hail Chrissy Teigan). Follow the sites that interest you! They can give you great ideas and inspirations, that can lead to amazing family time or self care. It’s an easy way to socialize without a lot of fuss.

3. Join Groups

Have you ever thought you were the only one that was interested in something specific? Well, good news, there could be others out there with the same interest! Join a group and link up with others just like you. When joining a group, there is normally an enormous amount of information on the subject. Post photos, if you are looking for something specific. Ask questions, if you’re curious about learning more. Host a live video to share an exciting experience with everyone! The benefits of joining a group are endless.

4. Tag People

Since you are not able to visit friends and family as often as you want, tag them on social media! Each social media platform has a different version of this. Facebook lets you tag, Instagram lets you mention and Twitter lets you hashtag. No matter which one you use, let people know you are thinking about them. Most likely they are going to love that you took the time to reach out to them. Share a funny photo or tag them in something that they are interested in! By tagging them, their friends and family can also see the post too!

5. Watch Live Videos

A new way to reach out to multiple people at once is live videos. Each social media has a different way to do this, but essentially they are the same. The person hosting the video can showcase a special event or do a “how to” video. The most important thing is that there are no second takes with this. When you do a live video, it is recorded and broadcasted at the same time! The host can still see who comments and shares the video, so who knows, maybe they will give you a shout out.

6. Seek Relationships

Social media is a great way to form relationships with people (online relationship rates are on the rise) you may or may not know. It’s also a great reference when you need help or are looking for something in particular. Many people will ask for a recommendation about products or services they haven’t used before. They much rather have a friend/follower who has experienced the product/service reach out, rather than looking at a review online. Think of it as a community service board. Plus, others can benefit from the responses as well!

7. Link Brands

This is a great tool if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. Online selling has become huge in today’s global world! Let your business grow and flourish by linking your website on social media. If you see an article that’s related, share it and then link your website as well. There is a chance that online viewers will check you out as well. Also, share your products on your social media! It is best to have two different accounts to avoid confusion, so you can keep your personal and professional live separate!

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8. Group Gatherings

Zoom might be considered a video chat platform, but it still gets the job done. Zoom and other medias like it, allow you to be social without ever leaving your house! You can interact with someone one on one, or in a group setting. There are so many possibilities in group chats; watch movies, play games or even have a family dinner. No matter how you spend your time, everyone will enjoy the chance of “being” together.

9. Responses

One aspect of social media is to actually “talk” to people! You can use comments for quick and fun banter on photos and posts. You should keep the longer conversations and deeper content for the direct messages. No matter which one you prefer, it is common courtesy to respond to someone as long as you know them (don’t talk to strangers!). You don’t have to respond thanks for sharing to everyone who shares your post or photo. However, if someone leaves a sweet comment, you can always tell them you appreciate it!

10. Stay Active

The most important thing about social media is to stay active on it. You don’t have to become “famous” or spend hours at a time on it, to enjoy it. It really is a great way to stay involved with friends, family and your online community. You can be on each social media platform, or you might have a preference to a particular one. Like, tag and share to your heart’s desire. Just remember to get out there and socialize!

Which social media platform is your favorite? Comment and share with us below! Be sure to follow Society19 on social media!

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