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How To Shop Like A Celeb For Cheap

We’ve all seen stunning paparazzi images of models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner walking down the street in stylish clothing and thought to ourselves, “I really want to dress like that.” Here’s the issue we end up constantly running into: we’re not big celebs with a lot of money, so we assume we can’t afford trendy fits. Today, we’ve come to your rescue by breaking down some of our favorite celebrity ensembles and showing you how to copy them for less! So join us as we go celeb shopping at a low price!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is first up on the celeb shopping list! Kendall looks feisty and fashionable in every photo we see of her, and it’s virtually impossible not to want to mimic her style. Although seeing Kendall’s face on TV and the runway may make it seem intimidating to try to emulate a look, we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of Jenner looks you can shop for without breaking the bank.

Fit One:

Although Kendall’s fit looks trendy and expensive, it is actually one that is very easy, and cheap, to recreate! All you need is an oversized button-up and a white t-shirt tucked into some cream trousers. Pair that with some strappy heeled sandals to finish it off and boom! You complete a chic fit with items you may already have in your closet!

Fit Two:

You’re in luck if you’re wanting to recreate Kendall’s more relaxed model-off-duty appearance. Although we’re certain that no component of her ensemble is inexpensive, that doesn’t mean your copycat outfit has to cost the same! Simply put on your favorite tee and combine it with some cute biker shorts; even her slides can be found for a fraction of the cost on Amazon!


Fit Three:

Another classic Kendall look is anything leather with an oversized blazer for that effortlessly stylish look we all know and love. We promise that recreating this does not have to be pricey! When it comes down to it, all you need are some leather pants, a white T, and a blazer that you might even find in your father’s wardrobe!

You could also give the fit your own spin by mixing and matching colors or adding your own personal accessories; remember, you can still put together a Kendall look while adding your own personal touches.

While the fact that Kendall is a multi-millionaire and comes from a family of renowned sisters may frighten us, her ensembles are a lot easier to copy than we think. So here’s the ultimate tip for shopping like a celebrity on a budget: stock your closet with basics. Not only are these easy to come by at reasonable prices, but they’re also simple to put together ensembles that can be twisted to look more fashionable.

Hailey Bieber

Next up on the celeb shopping list, Hailey Bieber! Hailey, who is best friends with Kendall, is another model we can’t help but admire when it comes to her stylish choices. Hailey always looks amazing whenever she is photographed, whether she is on her way to an important meeting or just having a cup of coffee. Although Hailey’s outfits typically appear elegant and, well, pricey, there is an easy way to emulate her fashion choices for a lot less money.

Fit One:

Embracing the monochrome look is the easiest way to get a jump start on imitating Hailey’s streetwear style. The best part is that you can approach it as you like; all you have to do is match your colors! To personalize your monochrome style, try experimenting with different tints, textures, or adding pops of color. Here, Hailey is wearing a matching sweatsuit which makes her look both stylish and comfortable. Bonus point: matching sweatsuits are easy to find for a low price, or you can mix and match different shades of the same color for your top and bottom if you want to use what you already have.

Fit Two:

When Hailey added her signature cat-eye sunglasses, what would have appeared to be a more casual fit instantly became 10 times cooler. What good does that do us? Simple: We now know that we can add a pair of ultra-fashionable sunnies to any outfit to instantly elevate it to the level of a celebrity. 

Even if your wardrobe is as simple as a T-shirt dress and knee-high boots, it will be complete once you add a pair of sunglasses. You can purchase super hot specs for cheap in a variety of places!

Fit Three:

Other than her sleek back bun and cat-eye sunglasses what’s another thing Hailey can’t leave out of an outfit? Gold jewelry. Hailey’s notorious fits would lose some of their pizzaz if it wasn’t for her chunky gold hoops or layered necklaces, so add some pizzaz to your fits by incorporating jewelry into them. Don’t panic!! You can still look fabulous and rock affordable gold pieces because it is easy to find them at a variety of price ranges depending on how much money you wanna drop! 

See Also

Here’s a little extra trip if you go for cheaper gold jewelry: cover your accessories with clear nail polish to keep them from rusting or coloring your skin green!

As you can see, we’ve once again demonstrated how simple it is to buy like a celebrity on a budget. It’s crucial to remember the simple things you can do to make your outfits look as fashionable as models like Hailey. You may instantly look like a celebrity by combining your colors to appear classically chic and adding a pair of really beautiful sunnies and gleaming gold jewelry. We have proved once again how celeb shopping for cheap is a lot easier than you may think!

Gigi And Bella Hadid

Gigi and Bella are two sisters who instantly inspire a need to go celeb shopping, but doing so on a budget may seem impossible. However, if you’ve read this far, you already know that we always have a solution! Although the Hadid sisters are supermodels, it is off the catwalk where they truly shine; their chic and classic street style has everyone’s jaws on the floor.  Lucky for you, we found a few tips and tricks to help you afford to look just as fabulous as them. 

Fit One:

Bella looks amazing in everything she wears, and you can too if you grab your favorite sweater and match it with a pair of baggy jeans. You have a plethora of options when it comes to knits ranging from sweater vests, wearing a knit as a layering piece, or even as simple as wearing it as a top by itself. There are so many ways you can twist your fit with your knits and you’ll look super cool when doing so. 

Fit Two:

Not only does Gigi look very fashionable and comfortable while carrying a baby stroller, but her outfit also demonstrates how simple it is to go celeb shopping for cheap. What may have been a more simple outfit was immediately ten times better when the bucket hat was added, so do you know what that means? Investing in a few inexpensive bucket fats will be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe, as they will easily spice up your ‘fit and give you the trendy twist that many celebrities love to flaunt.

Fit Three:

When it comes to choosing an outfit, the Hadid sisters prove that layering is the way to go. Spoiler Alert: Layering is a breeze to master. If you want to be a celeb shopping guru, make sure to stock your closet with easy-to-combine layering staples. Simple pieces like cropped jackets, blazers, and even turtlenecks are ideal. This will give your fits a chic, celeb-like twist with minimal effort and minimal money spending. 

The best thing the Hadid sisters have taught us is that in order to make your fits look more trendy all you need to do is give it a simple twist. You can always give your fit the extra element it needs to satisfy your standards, whether it’s by wearing your knitwear in a new way, adding a cute bucket hat, or layering to your heart’s content. As you can tell, these little twists to your outfits can be both simple and easy on the bank account!

When you see a celebrity outfit that inspires you, don’t be intimidated; instead, refer back to this article to learn how you can copy their trendy fashion choices at a low cost!

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