How To Save Calories At Starbucks Without Even Trying

How To Save Calories At Starbucks Without Even Trying

If you are anything like me, Starbucks is an essential part of your morning routine. Coffee is a necessity.

What you may not think about, however, is how many calories are in your favorite drinks. From the added sugar to the milk used, the total can really add up quickly.

Here are some ways you can save calories at Starbucks without too much out of your way to do so.

1. Sizes

This is possibly the simplest solution to the problem at hand. To consume fewer calories, order a smaller drink.

Did you know that there is a small size than ‘tall’? Starbucks offers a ‘short’ size, which is 8 ounces.

Say you get a Venti Iced Caramel Machiatto every morning. That is 390 calories. However, if you simply bumped your order down to a grande, you would be saving yourself about 100 calories.

Though you obviously are sacrificing a bit of extra coffee, this option is definitely a super efficient and easy way to cut down. All of those saved calories can really start to add up in the long run.

How To Save Calories At Starbucks Without Even Trying

2. Sugar-Free Syrup

This is another simple and effortless way to reduce your Starbucks caloric intake.

Obviously, you can still get the flavor, but you are saving your waistline from the extra sugar from the regular syrups.

However, this is a tricky topic because these sugar-free syrups are packed with artificial sugar, which overall doesn’t have a good effect on your body either. Though this is a good option to use on some days, it is important to understand the adverse effects. The artificial sweetener has actually been linked to weight gain and heart problems, much like the real sugar. It is just important to be aware of these possible consequences.

3. Order It Iced

The same drink can come in both a hot form and an iced form. Did you ever notice that the hot version racks up a few more calories than the iced?

The ice takes up more space, leaving less room for sugars from milk and sweeteners.

Just a tip.

How To Save Calories At Starbucks Without Even Trying

4. Know Your Milk Options

Drinks are usually made with whole milk, which really packs a punch in terms of calories and fat.

We are going to use the example of an Iced Caramel Macchiato again. As I said, these drinks are typically made with whole milk, which totals to be 280 calories with 11 grams of fat and 34 grams of sugar.

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If you substituted the whole milk for almond milk, the totals are much lighter. Calories-wise, it would only be a total of 180. Fat would be 6 and sugars are 25. That is a substantial difference.

Starbucks also offers coconut milk, soy milk, 2% milk, skim, and nonfat milk. You really should just do your research and find out which milk meets your desires.

How To Save Calories At Starbucks Without Even Trying

5. Try Regular Coffee

If you don’t mind the taste of coffee, trying opting for straight black coffee.

Black coffee, without any of the added frills of milk and sugar, is actually quite low in calories. A plain grande unsweetened iced coffee is only 5 calories. You really can’t beat that.

If you are looking for something a touch sweeter than the bitterness of black coffee, try a Starbucks cold brew.  These drinks are made from coffee beans that are steeped for about 20 hours, which contributes to the drink’s overall smooth flavor. The taste is overall a bit less harsh than that of regular black coffee.

A cold brew is also only 5 calories.

How To Save Calories At Starbucks Without Trying

What is your favorite way to spice up your Starbucks drinks? Be sure to share them down below!

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