How To Reinvent Your Fashion Style

Are you tired of your fashion style? Are you wanting to make a change in your life AND in your wardrobe? It is the perfect time of year to have a look in your own wardrobe and find some new style inspiration.

Reinventing your fashion is not necessarily about changing everything that you wear or spending lots of money – it could be about changing the way to wear those clothes, adding some new staples to your wardrobe or finding a new look that you love. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some of the best ways to reinvent your fashion style.

Find Inspiration

The first step to reinventing your fashion style is to look for inspiration from celebrities and influencers for what you would like your style to become. The best way to do this is to look through fashion magazines and go on social media such as Instagram. Seeing the way other people wear and style clothes helps you to see new ways to create your own style.

An item of clothing that may have seemed boring or drab to you, once you see it styled by someone else you can look at it in a new light. Some of the best Instagram pages to follow for inspiration include Kylie Jenner’s (kyliejenner), Danielle Bernstein (weworewhat), Gigi Hadid (gigihadid), and Gabi Gregg (gabifresh).

Once finding inspiration you could also create a mood board. A mood board can be made up of pictures, fabrics, colours and drawings of all of the inspiration you have found.

Sort Your Wardrobe

The next step for reinventing your fashion style is to sort out your current wardrobe. Start by making three piles: keep, donate, throw out. Anything that brings you joy, that you wear often and is a wardrobe staple should be kept. Anything that you don’t wear or love anymore, doesn’t fit but is still in good condition should be donated. Everything else should be thrown out.

Once you have done this your wardrobe will only have items that you wear and can use to create your new style.

Identify Your Style

To be able to reinvent your fashion style you need to identify your current style and what you want your style to become. Your current style might be preppy, or girly, or grungy, or alternative; and by identifying what it is you make it easier to change.

This makes it easier to identify how you want to change your style. You’ve already found the inspiration so now you need to decide what your new style will be and how you are going to get there.

Establish Your Foundation Pieces

The most important part of any fashion style is making sure that your wardrobe has the foundation pieces. The classic wardrobe must-haves are a little black dress, a blazer, a cashmere sweater and a white button up shirt. While these pieces are good, they don’t necessarily work for every style – you need to find the essentials for your personal style.

For example, a vintage fashion style wardrobe must have flared pants, high-waisted shorts and a denim jacket. A bohemian fashion style must have colourful patterned jackets, long dresses and sandals. Finally, an artsy fashion style must have a black turtle neck, a statement skirt and a leather jacket.

See Also

Accessorising, Makeup And Hair

Reinventing your fashion style is also about trying new makeup and hair routines, as well as accessorising properly. Changing your makeup and hair is a good way to change your style as it helps you have a new look without spending any money.

Also, accessorising your outfit by layering necklaces, wearing earrings and belts, and choosing a handbag to match can make or break any outfit style.

Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is an excellent way to reinvent your fashion style by reinvigorating old clothes. Thrift shopping allows you to find unique pieces of clothing that you can add to any style. It is a good way to find vintage jeans and interesting coats that you won’t be able to find in any other store.


Finally, the last step to reinventing your fashion style is shopping. By following all of these steps before actually going shopping, you will be able to minimise the amount you will have to spend. Once you have done everything else you can make a list of the rest of the pieces you need to purchase which will help you to make valuable decisions while shopping.

We hope these tips help you to reinvent your fashion style whatever it may be! Comment below what your favourite style is this year.

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Kali Somerville

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