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How to Recreate Your Favorite TV Characters’ Style

How to Recreate Your Favorite TV Characters’ Style

Whether you’re addicted to Scandal, Game of Thrones or any other TV show, you know that some characters are just more fashionable than others. Below is a selection of some the most stylish female characters on TV along with a few tips on how to recreate their signature looks with similar items. These TV characters’ style provide the perfect inspo to revamp your closet.

Olivia Pope (Scandal)

You can easily imitate Olivia Pope style. This character is all about presenting an image of power. She tends to stick to a slim cut style without being to revealing and wears a lot of neutrals in her coats, suits, blouses and bags.

The first piece you’ll need is a statement coat, preferably with a streamlined silhouette or a trench coat.



A polished head to toe dress, is a must for this character’s look.

She also wears a lot of suits, her essential piece for power dressing. Try to invest in a feminine suit that accentuates your silhouette.

Olivia is almost always seen rocking a sleek button down blouse, especially white ones.



For shoes, Olivia Pope loves heels with a classic style, but comfort is key. Go for shoes in a nude color.

Jess (New Girl)

The protagonist of New Girl is an eclectic dresser, commonly donning vintage inspired outfits. Her outfits are a huge part of the character’s personality. Here are some pieces you will need to mimic Jess’ style.

Jess can often be seen wearing button down shirts with a pop of color.

She also loves a houndstooth pattern. Depending on your style, you can go for small or large print.



She’s all about cardigans, particularly in attention grabbing hues. Expect to see her cardigans mixed with a cute mini skirt or adorable dress.

Polka dots are a must in your closet if you want to imitate Jess’s look, either on a dress, shirt, sweater or skirt. Try to stick to sporting this pattern on just one piece of your outfit, to avoid going overboard.

A pattern that Jess commonly wears is stripes, so don’t forget to add a fitted striped top to your wardrobe.



Claire (House of Cards)

The First Lady in this political show persistently shows off very clean and elegant lines with neutral colors. Claire’s outfits fit perfectly to her silhouette. These are some pieces you need to imitate her look.

Claire constantly completes her outfits with a well-fitted trench. Try to combine this piece with a dress or pencil skirt.

Neutrals apply for almost every piece of Claire’s wardrobe, and shoes are no exception. Her go-to are black pumps; a great investment for any girl as they go with just about anything.



A belt is probably Claire’s favorite accessory. If you are wearing a dress or a pencil skirt, like she does, a belt is the perfect addition to accentuate your curves.


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Speaking of pencil skirts, you’ll rarely see Claire without one.



Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars)

The main characters of this show are very stylish, but Aria Montgomery’s style is unique. She experiments with different fabrics and materials and loves to highlight her legs.

Aria loves a multicolored vintage dresses. These dresses can be elegantly adorable, comfortable and stylish.

She is also a fan of a nice black leather jacket. You can mix this piece with almost every outfit that Aria wears.



When she’s not wearing vintage dresses or a skirt, Aria can often be seen wearing ripped skinny jeans, paired with a cute top. This item is a must in every girls closet.

Aria loves boots, especially a pair that accentuates her legs. Ankle boots are the perfect compliment to her trendy vintage dresses.


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