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How to Recreate Your Favorite Fall Outfits

How to Recreate Your Favorite Fall Outfits

With the onset of the fall season, you’ve probably noticed a bit of a climate change on campus. Whether you’re a fan of the colder weather, or you could simply do without it – one thing’s for certain – the fall trends have hit the stores and with it, some of our favorite outfits of the year.  After scouring the internet for similar, yet affordable products, we have provided the resources for you to recreate these amazing fall outfits, for cheap!

1. Military chic

Style your military jacket with a white t-shirt You can wear a military in different ways. It looks great with jeans and a basic white top.

These army green jackets are essential for fall. The perfect way to add some warmth to your outfit, while looking incredibly stylish. The casual style looks best with jeans and a white tee. Ankle boots dress the look up, while sneakers keep everything nice and casual.





 2. Basic white

A button down shirt goes with almost everything and it can keep you comfortable.  Cute outfits! and

A basic white button down shirt goes with almost everything. Don’t be fooled by the incredibly chic look, this style is actually very comfortable. Pair your white button down with black leather pants or dark jeans and finish with brown ankle boots. Dare to keep your shirt unbuttoned a little bit lower than usual for a sexy, yet still very classy outfit. Don’t forget a simple gold necklace for some added finesse.

button  black pants


jeans  necklace

3. Chambray all the way

outfit 4a Cute outfits! and

Chambray is essential for the cooler season. It works as a great cover-up, or worn by itself. Just be sure to accompany these denim shirts with black pants or dark leggings to stay clear of looking too matchy-matchy, if worn with jeans. These shirts look amazing with scarves, which of course, are another must for just about all fall outfits. To complete the autumn-inspired look, wear a nice pair of boots and a comfy cardigan.


scarf  leggings


booties  slouchy


4. Best vest

Cute outfits! Cute outfit! and

Vests, as always, are popular during the cooler fall months. Fur vests are very cozy and don’t worry, most aren’t real, while puffer vests are great for a more preppy feel. The herringbone vest below is a bit more on the expensive side, but SO worth it! Combine vests with other fall favorites, such as flannel or chambray, and as always – boots!

vest  vest2


flannel  dress

bootss hat

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5. Over sized sweaters

outfit 3 Cute outfit!


An oversize sweater or cardigan is a great investment as you can mix them with many different pieces. Look for a shape that fits your body type – one that doesn’t drape too much and look frumpy. You can layer these types of sweaters on just about anything, but one of our favorite fall outfits is a knit sweater, a warm pair of leggings, some cozy socks, and combat boots.

sweater  So cute!







Recreate the hottest outfits of the season!

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