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How To Recreate The Viral Ole Miss Dorm Room

How To Recreate The Viral Ole Miss Dorm Room

If you've seen the viral ole miss dorm room from the University of Mississippi,here is how you can recreate this cute and cozy dorm for your own dorm rooms!

If you’ve spent any of your time researching ideas for your dorm room, chances are you’ve landed on Pinterest and come across dozens of beautifully decorated rooms. From lavish furry rugs to cozy throw pillows, string lights and wall decor, these gorgeous dorms have it all! Maybe you’ve even come across the viral image of an Ole Miss dorm room that spread like wildfire on the internet for being so unbelievably beautiful. And believe it or not, there are ways to get your dorm room to look just as fab without the hefty price tag… and you can thank Amazon for that. Below we have recreated the viral Ole Miss dorm room and what exactly you should buy or DIY to have your own Pinterest-worthy dorm!

Here is the viral dorm:



Here is how you can recreate it:

1. Let’s start with the rug.

It’s amazing how a cute rug can pull the look of an entire room together! If you have ugly carpeting in your dorm that you’re trying to cover, an area rug is the perfect way to do it.


2. Add an ottoman.

These ottomans are not only perfect for resting your feet, but they also provide extra storage space inside!


3. Add a white storage/side table in between your beds.

Depending on how much space your dorm room has, you can get a smaller or bigger one- or get two!



4. Choose your cozy bedding.

Choosing a fluffy down comforter is the perfect bedding option for a cozy and cute room! Both options below come in Twin XL to fit most standard dorm room beds!



5. The more pillows the better!

Adding accent pillows is a great way to tie all the colors of your room together while making it chic and super cozy.


6.  Don’t forget some extra blankets!

Why not add more coziness with some throw blankets?



7. Your walls need a photo bulletin board.

This board is the perfect wall decor, not only because it’s beautiful, but you can also stick photos and whatever else you can think of on it!

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8. Lighting is key.

Add a cute brass lamp for extra dorm lighting that you can display on your side table! And if you’re feeling extra fancy, opt for some string lights that will give your room an extra cozy vibe!




The girls created DIY bedskirts with fabric once they took the measurements of their bed and created their own curtains. They also created DIY headboards which you can easily learn how to make here!


Are you designing your own version of the Ole Miss dorm? Let us know in the comments!


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