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How To Recreate That Surfer Girl Style

Whether you’re a natural wave rider or you can barely stand up on a board, achieving that oh-so-desirable “surfer girl” style is possible for anyone – no matter what your actual surfing skill level may be. The key to pulling off this look is a few essential items. Of course, flowing locks of salt water curls and a coveted sun kissed glow wouldn’t hurt either!

Bathing Suit

Stick to a suit that allows for ample movement and lots of coverage. You never know when a strong wave might wash over you, taking that flimsy string bikini right with it.


Obviously flip flops are a requirement to pulling off the surfer girl look. Easy to throw on as you trek down the sandy dunes, and easy to kick off before you sprint into the ocean.



As you lay in the sand, perfecting your surfer girl bronzed skin, don’t forget a hat to shade your eyes from those harmful UV rays. A hat also helps keep unruly manes under control.

Sunglasses are essential for any surfer girl. Opt for a pair with a shiny reflective tint to really give off an edgy California vibe. and


While it’s always nice to surf in just a bathing suit, any surfer girl knows that it can lead to unsightly rashes and scratches. To avoid this, invest in a slim fit rashgard to throw on over your bathing suit.

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Wet Suits

Depending on the season and the temperature of the water, a wet suit may be necessary to face the ocean’s brisk water. There are quite a few different varieties with thickness, length and fit – so do some research on the option that will work best for you!

The Outfit

While any surfer girl basically lives in her bathing suit, there are those few times when clothing is not optional (gasp!). To rollover that beachy style into a presentable outfit, the secret is to keep it casual. A simple short/tank duo is all you need to go from beach side to brunch on the boardwalk.

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