How to Recreate Styles From Your Favorite Euphoria Characters

We all remember the 2019 release of one of the most talked about HBO shows, Euphoria. This eight-episode series, starring Zendaya, was a look back at our old high school days, reminding us of difficult friendships, relationships, dealing with parents and exposure to a whole new world of adulthood. 

Why We Love Euphoria

Euphoria brought about a whole new version of pop culture rooted in the characters’ out-there styles, confident attitudes and rhinestone eye makeup. It also taught us how to be proud of who we are, to embrace life and not let anyone get in our way. The fashions of Euphoria are beyond what we normally see on TV and are hard to not want to experiment with. Read on to find out the styles and trends that Euphoria characters carved out for us in the world of fashion and how you can recreate these same looks for your body.

Maddy Perez

Maddy is the character on Euphoria that constantly proves to us that you can pretty much pull off any outfit with a little confidence and attitude. Maddy by far has the most trendy looks and serves them well. You can catch Maddy wearing either a floral, spaghetti strap dress or a full on see-through diamond shirt with a matching skirt. To dress like Maddy during the daytime opt for a ruched mini dress with a cute pattern like florals, cherries or polka dots. Thrown on some white low rise sneakers and small, silver hoops earrings. Wear your hair in a high, bouncy ponytail with your baby hairs gelled by your temples into curls. For a daytime makeup look swipe on a bright colored eyeshadow and some bold lashes or a black winged liner and red pout. To achieve a night time outfit and makeup that looks like Maddy’s, find a sexy set like her purple I.AM.GIA crop top and boot cut pants from the carnival episode or a sheer one like her prom outfit. Go for bold, deep colors at night and pair with some flashy silver jewelry like hoops or pendant necklaces. To recreate a Maddy nighttime makeup look, use bright-colored eyeshadow to create a cat eye and border the shape with rhinestones. Pair the look with bold lashes and a nude lip color. Wear your hair gelled back into a ponytail or put your hair up using a claw clip, leaving some dangling pieces in the front to frame your face. 

How to Recreate Styles From Your Favorite Euphoria Characters

Rue Bennett

Rue Bennett is the star of Euphoria and someone we can all learn a lot from. She may be messed up in many ways but she gives off an aura and attitude of some that we all wish we had. She taught us to fight for our friends and how to care for our loved ones, especially our siblings. Rue definitely has the most grungiest of styles with her effortlessly beautiful mane of hair and glittery makeup looks. To dress like Rue during the daytime, learn how to mix and match prints like florals, stars and stripes. Rue can also be seen wearing many layers of clothing like flannels over graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts. She also is very into high rise denim and sporting a 90’s style. During the daytime Rue is typically not wearing any makeup and has her hair in a fearlessly natural mane of curls. During the nighttime Rue likes to go all out whether that be getting very dressed up for Halloween or for a simple house party. To dress like Rue at night, continue to layer. Rue can typically be seen in deep colored crop tops with zip up hoodies overtop and her natural curls again. Rue’s makeup look is usually a neutral eye shadow shade with some glitter underneath her eyes.

How to Recreate Styles From Your Favorite Euphoria Characters

Jules Vaughn

Jules Vaughn in Euphoria is definitely one of the more mysterious characters and has overall the most character development of anyone we see on the show. We see her transition from a young boy to a young woman and her friendship grow with Rue as well as with other romantic interests. Jules’ style is hard to achieve but with a little bleach and psychedelic material, you can be sure to pull this one off. To dress like Jules during the daytime, think preppy school girl with an edge. You can often catch Jules in a tight cardigan with a floral stitching or a tight-fitting t-shirt. She also commonly wears pleated skirts with low rise sneakers and her socks rolled up. In the daytime Jules also likes to stick to pastel colors. To achieve her daytime makeup look swipe on some light tinted eyeshadow, almost shimmery. 

How to Recreate Styles From Your Favorite Euphoria Characters

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Cassie Howard

Cassie Howard from Euphoria is that character that constantly reminds us to never give up on love no matter what obstacles life throws at us. Cassie definitely had the most girly style of all the characters on the show and you could typically catch her in a pink, ruched mini dress, a frilly pink top with jeans and some sneakers. To dress like Cassie during the daytime, shop for a cute white or pink crochet crop top, some high waisted blue jeans, and some white low rise Keds or Nike sneakers. Wear your hair in loose curls or in a low bun at the nape of your neck. You can also braid a piece of your hair in the front and bobby pin it to the side of your head. For a daytime makeup look like Cassie’s, go for some neutral eye shadow, and a thin swipe of black eyeliner. To achieve a nighttime look like Cassie’s, go with something a little more body con or sparkly. Cassie is known for her flashy crop tops like her little blue number during the carnival episode. Don’t be afraid to show off your figure. During the nighttime Cassie can usually be seen wearing a dark smokey eye with smudged black eyeliner and a nude pout, and her hair in a half up half down sort or hair style, either with a braid or bouffant. 

How to Recreate Styles From Your Favorite Euphoria Characters

What it All Comes Down to

The characters in Euphoria definitely set the tone for a new era of fashion and beauty and told us it’s ok to be a bit eccentric in public, so do and be you, continue to experiment with your look and never be afraid to stand out with a little turquoise eyeshadow.

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