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How to Recreate Gigi Hadid’s Street Style on a Budget

How to Recreate Gigi Hadid’s Street Style on a Budget


There’s arguably no one hotter right now than Gigi Hadid, both on and off the runway. From a glamorous Dolce & Gabbana frock to a red hot firefighter get-up at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the sexy supermodel can rock just about anything the fashion industry throws on her. Not only that, but the stunning beauty inspires young women worldwide to embrace their curves rather than aspire to the traditional waifish figures of other models. It’s evident that Gigi puts in a lot of effort to maintain her fabulous physique and wants to flaunt what she’s working with—and the woman can work it! She knows just how to play up her hourglass shape when she’s not on the runway all the while retaining her signature can’t-be-bothered style for the perfect mix of sexy yet effortless. Here are a few ideas for you fellow Hadid fans out there who want to emulate her street chic ensembles.

Sweet and Simple

Throw on a simple crop top over a pair of torn boyfriend jeans for a sexy look that provides a hint of skin, but is still appropriate for a daytime shopping trip or casual lunch with your girls. The suede booties, aviator sunglasses, and large leather tote with fringe bring in a bit of edge to this otherwise simple outfit.

Comfy and Cool

A lot of women think that leather leggings are only for nighttime, but Gigi shows us that you don’t have to be afraid to wear your leather pants when the sun is shining. Achieve this daytime look by layering an over-sized white tee atop a colorful sports bra and a pair of faux leather leggings. Metallic aviators and gold-cuffed sandals pull this ensemble together. It’s an incredibly comfortable outfit that you can wear to run errands which then transitions into your evening out.


…and Versatile

To quickly go from Gigi’s daytime look to a more night appropriate outfit, replace the tee with a simple black tank and throw on a fitted leather jacket. Swap out that fringe tote for a more sleek variety, and trade in your gladiators for heels. Voila! You have a day-to-night look that is both casual and alluring using your favorite pair of leather leggings.

Cute and Sassy

Gigi is known for wearing her Adidas anytime, anywhere, with anything. The 5’10” stunner doesn’t need heels to stop traffic, she’s walking proof that sneakers can be just as sexy as any stilleto. The next time you go out, try looking in your gym bag for the perfect shoe to compliment your LBD. Sneakers, being both comfy and cute, are perfect because they won’t overshadow your sexy outfit. Pair your favorite pair with a hot leather mini, over-sized blazer, and dark matte lips for a killer combo.

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Creative and Chic

Gigi is a genius! After being in the industry for a few years, the model has devised some fashion tricks of her own, like wearing her necklace as a belt. As a celebrity who is photographed every time she steps out the door, it’s important that Gigi looks flawless at all times and preferably not in something she has already been seen in. For the average woman, however, this standard is ludacris. We can’t afford not to be seen in the same thing twice, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spice things up a bit. Take a play out of Hadid’s style book and re-wear a bold accessory in a new way. If it’s good enough for Gigi Hadid then it’s good enough for me!

From day to night and everything in between, Gigi knows how to style herself to show off what she’s got. She plays with accessories, pairs interesting combos together, and always manages to pull off her wardrobe flawlessly. If I didn’t admire her for it, I’d hate her. Now, her look is accessible to you, and it’s affordable too! #WinWin

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