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How To Pull Off The No-Makeup Makeup Look This Spring

How To Pull Off The No-Makeup Makeup Look This Spring

Spring is a great time to perfect the no-makeup makeup look. Warmer weather and changing seasons will make you want to go for a more minimal looking makeup look than you would do in other seasons. There are a few simple steps to help you achieve the best no-makeup look that you will be wearing all season long.

1. Achieve A Flawless Base

Since you won’t be doing a dramatic eye or lip look, the focus will be on your skin. So, it’s important to have a nice even finish all over your face. Don’t worry if your skin isn’t perfect to start with, that’s what makeup is for. If you just want light coverage and don’t want a heavy makeup feel, I recommend starting out with a BB cream. Choosing one that has SPF is also a great idea for warmer and sunnier weather. BB cream will help even out your skin tone and cover blemishes without providing too much coverage. If you have more problematic skin, you might want to use foundation instead. Foundation provides buildable coverage that will completely even out your skin tone and cover blemishes or dark circles. If you feel that you need more coverage, you can also add concealer on over foundation to correct any problem areas. (Photo from


2. Perfect Your Eyebrows

Again, since you won’t be doing a complex eye look, people will be paying more attention to your eyebrows. If you already have full and thick eyebrows, I recommend just using a clear brow gel to brush over your eyebrows and help keep them in place all day. If you’re eyebrows need filling in, you can use a brow pencil, pomade or tinted brow gel to fill in any sparse areas. If you use a pencil or pomade, you should go over it with a brow gel to help keep the color and your natural brows in place. (Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills)

3. Stick To A Simple Eyeshadow Look

In order to get the simplest no-makeup look, you should only apply one eyeshadow color all over your lid. I recommend sticking to neutral colors, such as a light brown, light pink or tan color. Applying eyeshadow can help cancel out any discoloration on your eyelid. Applying one color will barely be noticeable as well. 


4. Pay Attention To Your Eyelashes

One step that I can never skip in my makeup routine is mascara. Start by curling your eyelashes, which helps make your eyes look bigger. After curling them, take the time to apply several coats of mascara allowing each coat to dry in between applications. Try to use a mascara that is lengthening, which will help you separate your lashes as well. When you use the wand to apply the product, wiggle it to the left and right in order to avoid clumping. If you want to go for a more natural look, you can choose to use a brown mascara rather than black as well.

5. Eyeliner Is An Optional Step

If you’re going for a true no-makeup look, you might want to skip out on eyeliner. However, if you feel like it’s a must in your routine, then go for it. If you really want to wear eyeliner, I recommend applying it to your tightline, which is just below your eyelashes on your eyelid. This is a sensitive area, so be careful when you’re applying it. However, applying eyeliner here can give the illusion of thicker eyelashes, which is always a good thing. You can also apply eyeliner to your waterline or slightly below your lower lash line. Since you are trying to avoid too intense of an eye makeup look, I recommend using a brown eyeliner rather than black, which can come off too harsh and smudges easily.

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7. Face Powder

Face powder is a must have in my makeup routine. I use it to set my base in place and make sure my skin stays matte all day. I apply powder after completing my eye loo just in case I smudge any of the products and have to fix them after applying. Pick a powder that matches your skin tone and use a large powder brush to apply it all over your face. Make sure to get powder on your under eye area because face makeup can crease there and make fine lines more visible, which is not what you want.

6. Blush

Blush is one of the best face products to use when you want to add a little color to your face without overdoing it. Choose a blush color that is close to your natural skin tone. Then, apply the product to the apples of your cheeks. Applying blush will give you a natural glow that will help complete the no-makeup look. This is a great added step that will add some color back to your face after applying BB cream or foundation in order to even out your skin tone. The goal is to have the blush resemble the healthy glow that you naturally get after being out in the sun for a few hours.

9. Lip Products

This is another optional step since you are going for a no-makeup look. However, it can be a good finishing touch to add a lip product. I recommend a clear or neutral gloss, which will add shine and shimmer to your lips. Or, if you prefer to keep thinks more classic, you can go for a nude lipstick instead.


No-makeup makeup looks are going to be a huge trend this upcoming Spring. I love this type of look because it is easy and effortless. The makeup is used to enhance your natural beauty, which is always a good thing. It only requires a few products to recreate this simple no-makeup look that is wearable for nearly any occasion. This is a great light-weight look that allows your skin to breathe in warmer weather during the Spring. If you have any other suggestions on how to get the perfect no-makeup look for upcoming seasons, leave them in the comments down below!

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