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How To Properly Style Curly Bangs

If you’ve got wavy or curly hair and have ever wanted bangs, you know the struggle is real. People with curly hair are often warned against getting bangs and told it’s just not possible with their curl pattern or hair type. Don’t be discouraged! There are ways to style your curly hair into straight bangs with a little extra work, or, there are even ways to wear your bangs naturally and let your curl do its thang! Bangs can be a reality for people with curly hair with these helpful hints!

1. Keep Climate In Mind

Something that I always forget as someone with curly bangs is how the weather affects them! More often than not I’ll style them just how I like and then the second I step outside it all falls apart and the curls take over (not in a good way!). If you’re styling your bangs to be straighter, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather. If it’s rainy or humid, chances are once you get out into the air your styling will be virtually non-existent as the curls activate and bounce out of control.

This can be frustrating if you’ve spent time trying to tame your curly bangs. It can be irritating too if you choose to wear your bangs naturally curly because the weather may change throughout the day and affect the look of your curls. To combat this, on rainier days try using a light hairspray to keep your bangs in place, or go for the classic baseball cap technique! An umbrella doesn’t hurt either. 

2. Go For Longer Styled Bangs

If you have wavy hair or hair that’s just a little on the unruly side, cutting your bangs to be longer and frame the face is often a smarter style move than going all out for the straight-across look. Cutting your curly bangs into a slightly longer and more 70’s style bang works really well for a lighter, less ringlet-y curls that are more wavy than curly.

If you’re worried about giving off too much of a 70’s vibe, as your stylist to cut your bangs thinner and have some layers in your hair for the sides – this helps create a more beachy vibe than thicker bangs might be able to achieve. 

3. Cut Dry – Not Wet!

I know, this goes against almost everything that’s ever been said about cutting hair. Cutting your hair when wet is still fine, but when you’re just cutting or trimming your bangs, it’s better to cut them when they’re totally dry! If you cut bangs when wet, especially curly bangs, there’s a good chance that they’ll be shorter than you wanted them when they dry. Hair shrinks up a little bit when it dries, and it’s really noticeable with bangs! To avoid cutting them too short, cut them dry so you know exactly where they’ll land once cut. 

4. Product Is Key

There are a lot of hair care products out there designed specifically for curly hair, but when it comes to curly bangs, curling creams and moisturizers are the best! If you’re going to be using a product like a cream or a spray, it’s best to wet your bangs first before applying that product.

Just remember, only CUT your bangs dry! Styling them when wet is perfectly okay and often the best way to go. Just wet your bangs with a spray bottle and apply your favorite curl defining product with your fingers to lock your curls into place and give them great shape! Using quality products on your curly bangs can help them look their best without looking dried out or frizzy, two problems that people with curly bangs run into often. 

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5. Avoid Towel Drying

Towel drying your hair can be a tough habit to break. While avoiding towel drying your whole head is beneficial to the health of all your hair, it’s especially important for your curly bangs. Towel drying can lead to breakage, flat hair (curls especially!), and frizziness. Instead of taking the towel to your bangs, try to let them air dry instead. If you’re wearing them naturally curly air drying should help to keep those curls bouncy and eliminate extra frizz.

If you prefer to tame your curl and wear your bangs a little straighter, letting them air dry may seem like a crazy idea. If you’re going to blow dry them to get a straighter look, letting them air first is still a good idea to help eliminate frizz and to get a sense of your natural curl pattern, which helps to style curly bangs into flatter, straighter ones!

6. Schedule Regular Trims

I struggle with this one myself, but it’s so important to maintaining the health and beauty of your curly bangs! If you go too long in between trims, your bangs can become flatter and seemingly lifeless. The curl pattern may change once they reach longer lengths as well, which isn’t always for the better. In order to keep your curly bangs looking fresh and fabulous, try to get them trimmed regularly, every 2 months or so depending on how quickly your hair grows.

If your stylist is full and you can’t seem to schedule a trim when you need it, try to resist the urge to trim them yourself! This is so important if you want to keep your bangs looking just the way you want them. 

Styling your bangs properly really depends on individual hair type and curl pattern as well as personal preference. If you prefer to use heat and wear your curly bangs on the straighter side, go ahead! If you want to go all-natural and let that curl shine, do it! Just remember to do what makes you and your hair happy. Do you have a favorite way to wear your curly bangs? Did you find any of these tips helpful? Comment below and let us know!

Featured Image Source: Enzo Santos on Pexels
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