How To Prevent Razor Burn And Bumps From Shaving

Sometimes you just can't avoid some bumps and burns from shaving. So, how do you fix it? Read on to learn how to prevent razor burn and bumps!

A smooth and clean shaven face is a quick way to make a good first impression on that girl you spotted at the bar. (Well, that and a free vodka soda.) However, sometimes you just can’t avoid some bumps and burns from shaving. You buy the best razors, the nicest shaving cream, and you think you’re doing everything right, but it still happens. So, how do you fix it? Read on to learn how to prevent razor burn and bumps!

Have A Good Skincare Routine

If you are regularly washing and exfoliating your face, razor bumps and burn are less like to occur. There are tons of pre-shave washes out there that are design to help prevent you having a tough time after the razor hits your face.


Your Razor Might Be The Problem

Although it might be annoying to constantly replace your razor, it is definitely a necessary evil. There isn’t one magic razor that will work for every guy, so you will most likely have to try a few to figure out which one is the best for you and your skin type.

If you notice your shave isn’t very close, it is probably time to switch out your blade. A dull razor is the biggest culprit when it comes to razor burn, so pay attention to it.

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Take Care Of Your Face After You Shave

Don’t be afraid of moisturizers. They aren’t girly, you won’t lose your man card, and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you love how soft your skin is. Moisturizers are like spiked seltzers: they look like they’re made for your girlfriend, but you probably love them more than she does. A gel moisturizer won’t clog your pores, and it will cut down the friction caused by your razor. Moisturizing is one of the easiest tips on how to prevent razor burn and bumps, so definitely don’t skip this step.

Be Careful About The Products You Use

Not all after shaves are created equal. Some products might sting if they are antiseptics, which can really irritate your skin. If you think your after shave is the issue, try switching up your routine and see what happens.


What are some of your tips on how to prevent razor burn and bumps? Tell us down below!
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