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How To Prepare Your Schedule At VT Before Next Semester

How To Prepare Your Schedule At VT Before Next Semester

If you're wondering how to prepare your schedule at VT, because the beginning of the next semester. Here are the tips and tricks you need to getting the schedule you want at Virginia Tech University!

As many of you know, course requests for VT’s spring semester of 2018 opens October 17th and closes October 24th. It is a very stressful time… and what classes you take is important so you can graduate on time! I’m an “A type” of person and plan out everything so that I can get the classes I want and need in order to make time for my extra curriculars! Here’s a list of things to do to prepare your schedule at VT so you can do the same!

1. Create a Dars spreadsheet~

VT has a great tool, Dars. Dars is a planner for you to see what classes you need in order to graduate on time. You can see what your GPA is for your major,  all the classes you have taken, how many credits you have, and how many more credits you need to graduate. I have a minor and it shows how many credits I still need to take. Everything that you have completed is in green, and everything you need is in red.

Here's how to prepare your schedule at VT before next semester!


2. Speaking with your advisers~

I always email my adviser and ask if I can come in and speak with her. It’s personal and never rushed. It helps because she tells me what I still need to take, and what classes I will probably like.

3. Go to your major department floor and look around~

Often times, professor post fliers about their classes and the only way to find out about them is to look for them. You might run into a professor that is really passionate about a class they are teaching that works with your schedule.

4. Walk around campus a week before course request opens and get fliers~

Many majors print fliers with classes you can take. It’s a great way to find out what other classes VT offers and meet potential new study buddies. You can find classes that work for your schedule that aren’t dull and boring.


Here's how to prepare your schedule at VT before next semester!

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5. Write out what you want to take~

I know this semester I want to get my CLE’s out the way so when course request opens I’ll look for those classes first and write down the teachers and times and then build the best schedule for me. It’s time consuming but when I did it this (fall semester) I don’t have a Friday class which allows me time to do my online class.


6. Ask a friends~

In order to prepare your schedule at VT, check out classes your friends have taken in the past. They can help guide you to classes to take because they know the classes you’ll be interested in. They will also steer you away from more difficult teachers. If you take a class they have already taken and need help they are a great resource for you. Also, it could lead to taking a class with a friend and now you have a study buddy.

Here's how to prepare your schedule at VT before next semester!

Did these tips help you prepare your schedule at VT? Let us know in the comment section below!

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