How To Prepare Your Feet For A Night In Heels

Heels look great but they can be super painful, especially when you are wearing them all night on the town. If you still have not toughened your feet up to wear them all night long, then here is some helpful tips to make sure your feet are prepped and ready for a long night out in heels! 

Prepare Your Heels

Now do not, I repeat do not! wear a new pair of heels for the first time without breaking them in first. Wear a pair of socks and walk around your house for a few hours in your heels. This will make sure that your heals are softened and that there will be minimal blisters when you finally wear them out on the town. Now this may seem a little harsh but, if you feel any stitching that is sticking up and will rub profusely on your feet then don’t be afraid to take a hammer to them and hammer down the stitching. This is a necessary step to take of there is stubborn stitching. If that still doesn’t do the trick on certain parts of the stitching, rub a bar of soap over the area, this will smooth out any rough patches. 

How To Prepare Your Feet For A Night In Heels


If you already have any existing blisters or broken skin, this one may cause you some pain. You need to dry out the affected areas. This can be done with salt water. Done this a couple times a day, a few days before the event. This will ensure that your skin is tough and able to withstand being in uncomfortable heels all night. To ensure that they dry out prior to the event, try not to wear enclosed shoes wear possible. Make sure that your feet are getting plenty of air, this includes when you are asleep, try not to wear socks unnecessarily.  Your feet need to be in tip top shape before you strap on your heels for a long night. This is a necessary preparation for your feet. 

How To Prepare Your Feet For A Night In Heels

Tape Trick 

Now this one is a little unorthodox, but for some people it actually does work. If you have a truly wild and long night ahead of you, give this tip a go. Using narrow strapping tape, tape together your third and fourth toe. This will halt the nerve that cause the searing pain in the balls of your feet. Give it a go, sounds weird, but in many cases it work!  

How To Prepare Your Feet For A Night In Heels

Gel Pads 

Get yourself a pair of gel cushion pads to put underneath the balls of your feet to add a little extra cushion. However! if you shoes are already a little tight around your toes and forefoot then skip this trick! Otherwise you will have created another problem. This will most likely cause the front of the show to be too tight resulting in more pain and rubbing. So this one is a judgment call. 

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How To Prepare Your Feet For A Night In Heels


If all else fails drink! If it has been hours and you are not showing any signs of leaving just yet, but! your feet are killing you, just drink the pain away. Now there is a fine line here, don’t drink to the point of falling over because you are in heels and that could be dangerous. We don’t want you to do any damage to your ankles. Just have a few drinks so that you are having so much fun that you don’t feel the burning pain in the balls of your feet. This is the final tip but hey its fool proof and works every time. 

How To Prepare Your Feet For A Night In Heels

Are you going to take the plunge and try wear some heels on your next night out? Let us know if your feet survive! 

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