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How To Prepare For The Bachelor Finale, Even If You Aren’t Ready

How To Prepare For The Bachelor Finale, Even If You Aren’t Ready

How To Prepare For The Bachelor Finale, Even If You Aren't Ready

Sadly, The Bachelor is coming to an end, pretty soon we will all know who Colton chooses to spend the rest of his life with. And even sooner after that, we’ll see if they lasted. With this weekly routine of yours coming to a close soon, its time to prepare. You’ve been invested from the start. You’ve chosen who to root for, who should get sent home, you’ve watched as people received their first kiss and the great lengths some contestants are willing to go to just for a moment alone with Colton. You’ve lived through the group dates, the one-on-one’s, and now it’s time to say goodbye. So here is how to get ready for The Bachelor finale even when you can hardly believe it’s really over.

Host a viewing party

Is there any better reason to throw a little viewing party amongst your friends? Absolutely not! A Bachelor finale viewing party is a great excuse to get everyone together and watch the drama unfold before your eyes. Make some food, buy some roses, and have everyone get ready to see how Colton’s journey of love finally turns out. You can put together some party activities to do during commercial breaks, and re-live your favorite moments from the season as a way to say goodbye. And don’t forget to have your guests cast their votes on who you think Colton will be choosing to spend his life with.


Stock up on the wine

There’s really no other way to watch The Bachelor than with a bottle of your favorite wine, so make sure you have plenty to go around because we predict this finale will keep you on your toes. If you have a viewing party or you’re watching the finale with a friend, it’s essential to have enough wine to share, and we’re willing to be that you’re going to need it! If anything, you’ll be tipsy enough to forget who Colton chooses by the end of the episode, just in case you’re not a fan of the winner.

Wonder how this season went by so quickly

It seems like just yesterday you were watching as each lovely lady stepped up to introduce themselves to Colton and you were choosing who to root for this season. Now, after many tears, drama, heartache, and virgin jokes, you’re wondering how this season went by so fast. You can’t believe the journey is actually coming to an end, and you honestly don’t know what you’re going to do once it’s over.


Decide who you think will be the one to win Colton’s heart

Now is the time, make your decision, cast your votes, it’ll be official soon enough. If you’re having a viewing party,  for the Bachelor finale, have your friends place bets on who you think will be the one to receive the final rose from Colton. The incentive to guess correctly makes it all much more thrilling to watch on the big screen and you know we can’t wait to see who he chooses.

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Wipe your tears because Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner

If anything, know that this finale may mean the end of a great Bachelor season, but it’s just the beginning of something greater… Bachelor in Paradise will be on soon and you know that’s all you really need. Same old drama, but with a beach scenery, could anything be better?

We know endings can be tough but don’t fret, follow these steps and you’ll be ready for The Bachelor finale in no time.

Are you ready for The Bachelor finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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