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How To Prepare For A Job Interview When You’re Nervous AF

How To Prepare For A Job Interview When You’re Nervous AF

Prepping for a job interview can be stressful, especially when your future depends on it. To help that, read these tips on how to prepare for a job interview so you can present your best self!

Job interviews are hard. They can be anxiety-filled pressure cookers of constant “what ifs.” Most of the anxiety doesn’t always come during the interview, but rather in the moments and days leading up to it. Here are some ways to alleviate that anxiety and fear if you feel like you have no idea how to prepare for a job interview.

1) Practice with a Friend

We are often afraid of the unexpected, and we don’t always know exactly how the interview will turn out. Ask a friend or a family member to pretend to be the interviewer. It will feel silly at first, but having them ask you certain questions can help you see how your responses sound. You may end up tweaking some things in the end and improving your skills as an interviewee.


2) Research the Company

Whether you are nervous or not, this is a must. It is very important to know as much as you can about the company you are interviewing for. If you ask anyone how to prepare for a job interview, this will be the first thing they tell you. The interviewer may ask you what excites you about their business or why you chose to apply to work for them. If you can talk about the company on a more personal level, you’ll go from being a basic candidate to a stand-out.

3) Have an Answer for the Tough Questions

The inevitable part of an interview are questions that can stump you. “What is your biggest weakness?” or “How did you solve a problem at your previous job?” are just two examples. It is important to answer these questions in a way that displays the qualities you possess that would make them want to hire you. And please don’t say that your weakness is that you care too much or work too hard. They’ve heard that at least 100 times before, and they know what you’re trying to pull.


4) Plan Your Outfit

If there is one truth we know to be absolute, it is that an outfit can be everything.  If you have the right outfit, you can walk into that interview with confidence. Search for some interview outfit inspirations online and make sure it is tasteful. Looking frumpy is the fastest way to make a bad first impression.


5) Have Your Own Questions Prepared

At the end of an interview, the interviewer will always ask if you have any questions for them. This is your time to assert yourself as a potential employee who is eager to learn, and show them that you did research on how to prepare for a job interview. Ask them what kind of responsibilities come with the job or what they like best about working in their company. Having a curiosity about your potential new job will certainly impress your interviewer.

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6) Get a Full Night Sleep

This may be difficult for those who will be a bit too nervous, but before bed, try having a cup of chamomile tea or reading a relaxing book. Clear you mind an hour or two before bed and get roughly eight hours of sleep. You will wake up well rested and ready to go.


7) Get There Ten to Fifteen Minutes Early

Getting there early will not only prove that you are punctual, but it will also allow you extra time just in case you can’t find your way. We all get lost, it happens. Getting there a little early will allow you to gather your thoughts from a possibly stressful ride to your interview. You can then clear your mind, review your resume and you are ready to impress!


Do you have any tips for how to prepare for a job interview? Give us your best advice in the comments below!