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How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

¬†Planning a special Birthday for your significant other is full of pressure, but there’s an easy way to get help from close friends and make it an unforgettable Birthday Bash. Everyone has to have a surprise at some point, no matter how old or small, and the secrecy will bring all kinds of excitement and suspense. The party of the year is at your fingertips with these steps; now, you plan the perfect surprise party for your partner.

Plan Ahead

I’ll tell you now; the best parties are not usually the ones that appear from complete spontaneity. The best way to begin the process is to plan at least a month ahead of time to buy yourself enough time to clear dates with the closest friends that must make an appearance. There tends to be an underlying issue here; entertaining friends in their nature tend to be pretty flakey. I don’t know why that is the case, but it is, so plans for the worst-case scenario. Assume that the ones that usually are flakey will not be there, who else can you bring in from out of town that will be there? The more, the merrier, if you can try to apply the surprise theme to guests as well. Part of a surprise party is being caught off guard, yes, but also surprising elements need to be included throughout the bash to create an experience. If you plan and get your guest list set up for rain or shine, you can set up for the perfect surprise extravaganza!

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

Get A Buddy

Every boss needs a second in command; this is your go-to person who will take care of last-minute details while you are out with your partner throughout the day. Since this is a surprise party and you can’t ask your partner too many questions to make sure you don’t arouse suspicion, buddying up will make the process easier. One of their closest friends will likely be the best buddy because they’re able to clear certain things like theme, decoration, the flavor of the cake will be helpful. Not to mention, t will take some pressure off your shoulders because they will likely be willing to help set up and recommend some ideas of their own. It’s also not a bad idea to consult as many friends as you can beforehand to bounce ideas and maybe even assign tasks. While some people might not find volunteering to help plan a party fascinating, there are so many creative types that live for it and will go on to plan parties and events for a living! Get an artistic buddy to release some pressure off your shoulders and make the experience even more fabulous than imagined!

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

Make A Party Playlist

There is no party without the right soundtrack. Music is everything, so make sure to start adding songs to your Apple music library to set the vibe. These are jams that your partner loves, but also songs where everyone can rock out. If your partner has an acquired music taste, maybe not songs everyone is familiar with that’s okay, make sure that you add some popular tunes too. If you throw in a few songs that are more their speed here and there they’ll appreciate it and the guests will appreciate the fact that there’s plenty of songs they know the words to, everyone’s happy! I always make the mistake of adding only 20 songs to a party track; odds are you’ll probably need more than that. You want around 40-50 more is always better, and at the end of the playlist, it will tell you how long the playlist will play. Plan for the most extended amount of time you expect your surprise party, and a successful bash can last all night!

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

Photo Wall/Theme

Not every party needs to have a theme, but the best ones always do! People tend to be confused about the context of a party theme; it doesn’t always have to be like “Hawaiian” or “80’s” theme. Themes can exist in color and age too. A theme of a party can be “21”; therefore, you’ll see lots of alcohol and cute bottles and a cake with a drunk barbie holding a bottle. Themes don’t have to be lame and can be simple, start with your partner’s favorite colors. Make sure there are two colors that way, you can alternate and make the colors compliment each other and lots of decorations! You can’t go overboard with decorations, and they set the mood of the party. You’ll want a photo wall with props so that people can post and share the extravaganza with their friends. A few questions you can ask yourself about how to come up with the perfect surprise party theme is: what does your partner like to do? Do they have obscure or exciting hobbies? Have they gone to a destination spot on vacation that would make a cool theme? Do they have a favorite book or movie that you can bring to life? Creating a great theme can be as easy as choosing a Halloween costume; you have to think and dig a little. If all else fails, you can always go to Party City and get whatever theme decor is on sale!¬†

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

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Memorialize The Event

Since you’re planning the perfect surprise party, you will want to remember at least some of the night. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of ways to memorialize the occasion besides digging through your mind. Create a notebook, scrapbook, or collect videos to create a memoir. You can ask people to share fun times about the subject of the party and have them write it down in a notebook. You can also take polaroid pictures throughout the night and collect them in a scrapbook and have everyone write next to their picture their best wishes to your partner and gift it to your significant other. Even creating videos and adding it to your story, and doing a bit of narration throughout the night would be a sweet thing for your partner to wake up to the next morning. I know you’ll want to tape their reaction when everyone jumps out and scares them and, of course, when the surprise visitors reveal themselves. Whatever you decide to do, make sure there are tons of photos and videos to share from the night because it will be one to remember!

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

Keep It A Secret

There is no surprise party without the surprise part of it! So don’t reveal a thing. Odds are they’ll catch on a little, and that’s okay, but this is why you plan early and leave plenty of time to throw them off track before the event. Distraction is easy to accomplish on their birthday because they’ll probably want to go to their favorite restaurant or open presents from you or family. You want a genuine reaction when they walk through the door because it’s way more fun that way! It adds so much excitement for everyone involved, and when they do get the perfect surprise party, they’ll feel overwhelmed with love. I don’t believe in the ritual that you should completely neglect or “forget” your partner’s birthday because that sucks for you and them, and they spend half the day moping. What I would do is plan a little get together and throw off their expectations. The surprise element sets their hopes for the celebration a bit lower, and then you can knock their socks off!

How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Partner

How would you plan the perfect surprise party for your partner? Comment below and let us know!

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