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How To Plan A Farmers Market Wedding

How To Plan A Farmers Market Wedding

Let me make a prediction: your wedding day will be a spectacular celebration of love. How do I know this? Because you’re reading this blog. You’re putting in the hours to research wedding ideas, themes, tips and tricks. You’re basically studying for your wedding. All this effort will be rewarded because even though your guests may not appreciate that your shoes match the bows on the bridesmaid’s shoes, you’ll notice. If you’re looking for a unique spin on a classic wedding, that will save you some money as well, then try a farmer’s market wedding. From wine to flowers, you can find everything you need locally. Having a farmer’s market wedding will give your wedding a rustic vibe that is Pinterest worthy.

 1. Flowers

Obviously, flowers are beautiful. They can make your wedding feel like a romantic fairytale. Certain flowers are even symbolic of true love. Plus, they smell amazing, which is a plus because you’ll probably be sweating a lot in your dress. Even though flowers at your wedding are necessary, they’re also costly. This is why buying from your local farmer’s market is a great idea. Not only are Farmer’s Market flowers a whole lot cheaper than a florist, but they’re also freshly picked and come in breathtaking arrangements. Now, your bridesmaids may not have matching arrangements, and you’re taking a chance on the coloring, but they will give your wedding a whimsical vibe.


2. Wine

Wine is the gas that’ll keep your wedding running. It’s the only way to shut your annoying aunt up and will help you take the edge off. There will be nothing sweeter than sitting down with your new partner and sharing your first glass of wine. Wine is a great farmer’s market find. It’ll be locally sourced products from your area, so you know you’re getting seasonally produced products with no added hormones, which huge win that you and your guests will love. Farmer’s market wine has also been carefully crafted by the proprietor, they’re blood sweat and tears go into every bottle, not in a gross way though. I promise it’s all hygienic. Unlike the flowers, you won’t have to buy the wine the weekend before, because it’ll keep. Go to your local farmer’s market this weekend and sample a few. Buy a few bottles to take home and really consider your options before purchasing.

3. Lucky Charms

You’ve heard the old saying, Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and sixpence in your shoe. Well, I can’t promise you’ll find a sixpence for your shoe at the farmer’s market, however, I can promise you’ll find everything else on your list. The farmer’s market has so many interesting trinkets for you to discover. When you go to your farmer’s market you know you’ll find beautiful homemade goodies that are just too darling to take. Find some that you suit you and your wedding. Maybe a blue broach or an old hand-painted teacup you’ll sip out of on the day. In any case, you’ll be able to find one-of-a-kind additions for your wedding at the farmer’s market.


4. Jewelry

Now, I’m not suggesting you buy your wedding rings at the farmer’s market. Unless, you’re going for a very rustic look, in which case more power to you. However, I am suggesting you consider walking through the homemade jewelry section at your local farmer’s market. Just like the homemade trinkets, you know you’re getting a one of kind creation. You probably won’t wear homemade jewelry on the day of your wedding, but it can be a great inspiration for what you actually want, and you can wear it to your rehearsal dinner or on your honeymoon vacation. Really, they’re just nice pieces of jewelry that are inexpensive, so why not buy them? You could even use them as a backup!


5. Bridal Party Gifts

Your bridal party has had to do the real work for planning this wedding. It isn’t just your big day, it’s theirs too. However, they don’t get to be married at the end of the ceremony. To help ease that pain, make sure to find them an extra special thank you gift at the farmer’s market. This way not only will the bridal party gifts be one of a kind and homemade, you can also get a personalized gift for everyone in the group. Everyone participated and helped in different ways, so it’s only right that they get their own gifts too.
Side note: This is also a great place to get gifts for the parents. After all, they did bring you into this world, they should also be thanked. They will appreciate the effort and hold onto the trinket for years to come.

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Guess what? You get to eat cake on your wedding day, and it’s not even your birthday! Yes, I know you probably already knew you got to eat cake at your wedding. However, did you know you can buy delicious baked goods at your local farmer’s market? A farmer’s market cake will be decadent creation that you can get handcrafted just for your day. Your wedding cake isn’t exactly something you should pick out the weekend before your wedding. Instead of trying to rush this decision, visit your local farmer’s market this weekend and ask the baker stands if they take orders. This way you get more control over the cake choice, and you won’t have to stress about getting it last minute.

Themes are important for your wedding. Choosing the right theme can give your nuptials the wow factor you’ve always wanted. Between under the sea and a night in Paris there are a lot of themes to pick from. Why not pick a theme that is just as romantic and one of a kind as you are? A farmer’s market wedding gives your special day a unique vibe that everyone will love. Plus, it will help you save a little extra coin.

What is your favorite wedding theme? Comment below!

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