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How To Pick Your Major For Any Incoming Freshman

How To Pick Your Major For Any Incoming Freshman

How To Pick Your Major For Any Incoming Freshman

When it comes to having to pick your major it all can become very overwhelming. After all, you’re only 18, fresh out of high school and still discovering who you are as a person, but to add having to pick and stick to one field to learn and eventually work in for the rest of your life and you’re all sorts of confused, frustrated and scared. It’s normal not to know though, because if when you think you know you’re halfway done with your college career and suddenly decide that you want to change your major. Some students switch majors several times before finding the right one for them. To avoid any headaches and future self-hatred here is How To Pick Your Major For Any Incoming Freshman!

How To Pick Your Major For Any Incoming Freshman

1. Explore All Of Your Passions

Now that you’ve made it to college you need to pick your major. Picking your major can be quick and easy if you exactly what it is that you want to do but it can also be scary if you don’t know. Whether it’s art, music, theater, math, science, history, language, marketing, etc, if there is something that you enjoy doing try to see if there is a major for it at your institution. Consider joining an organization that offers what you’re interested in, that way you’re still exercising that passion and maybe it could lead to something that you want to major in.

2. Ask Your Family And Friends

Odds are that if your parents attended some sort of college or university they too struggled with what to major in. Ask them how they figured it out and you may be surprised to find out that what they majored in isn’t what they went on to do after graduating. This can be said about a lot of people; your life doesn’t always go in the direction you had hoped. Ask family friends too, but knowing that you have options is always comforting.

How To Pick Your Major For Any Incoming Freshman

3. Do Your Research

While you want to pick your major because you love it, you also need to make sure that what you love you will be able to make a living from. It is important to pick a major that you can see yourself working in and loving every day, but in the day and age that we are in bills, and especially student loan debt are things that you need to pay off and so you need to pick a major that can get you a steady income. Or if you still don’t want to give up on your passion you can make it a second job, that way you’re not so miserable in your 9-5 job if you have something to look forward to within your passion.

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4. Research Future Job Opportunities

Along with researching the average salary that you will be making in your future job you also want to make sure that you can easily find a job in that field once you graduate. Also, if you have decided on your major you should start to look into internships that you can apply to and enhance your resume and strengthen your skills.

How To Pick Your Major For Any Incoming Freshman

5. Speak To Your College Counselor

If you have been assigned a college counselor, faculty advisor or someone that will guide you in deciding your classes throughout your time in college then make an appointment with them. They will be able to give you better advice on how to pick your major and will be able to brainstorm with you.

How did you pick your major? Comment below and you can help someone else!

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