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How To Pay For Your Unpaid Internship Throughout College

Internships are an integral part of any young individual’s career. Internships are a great way to get hands on experience in your chosen field and give you a head start in your job pursuit. Unfortunately, some of the best internships are unpaid. If you believe this internship is the one for you don’t let the lack of payment scare you away. Here are a few tips on how to pay for your unpaid internship.

1. Negotiation

Once you have decided to go after an unpaid internship you may be able to negotiate an agreement. Some companies will be strict about their unpaid internships but some companies may be willing to work out an agreement. Now I’m not saying you are going to be able to swing getting paid 20 bucks an hour or even minimum wage, but you might be able to get a weekly stipend. It probably wont be much but some money is better than no money!

2. University programs

If you are unable to negotiate a payed agreement with your internship (or if you just need a little more money than that), you might be able to get some money from your university. Depending on where you go to school some universities will offer funding for students who are participating in an unpaid internship for college credit. The funding will most likely come with some rules and regulations and may require you to do some extra work, like writing a paper at the end of your internship. Some universities will openly advertise their funding options for unpaid student interns but some may not so it never hurts to do some research or talk to your school’s financial aid office. As an added bonus, most universities that offer this type of funding for unpaid student interns, offer the funding in the form of grants. This means that you will not be obligated to pay back any of the money (AKA FREE MONEY)!

3. Part-time job

If your university doesn’t offer any unpaid internship funding and you weren’t able to negotiate some kind of pay there are still a few more options! If you have the time, a part-time job is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. If you are taking in internship that is not where you currently live, I would recommend applying to some jobs before you head off.

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4. Live on a budget

To help save money during you’re unpaid internship you might have to make a few changes. Before you embark on your internship journey draft up a budget. Think of all the ways you can save money! Set an amount of money you plan to spend during the entire time of your internship. Also, try to minimize cost by living in university housing, relying on public transport, and eating at home. Here are a few tips on how to pay for your unpaid internship.

5. Raise money

An internship is a great start to anyone’s career and people will understand that! Try asking family and friends to donate to your cause. Even if you aunt Sue only gives you 20 dollars, it’s 20 more dollars than you had. You can also try online fundraising services such as Go Fund Me. If you are really short for cash you can also offer your services around town doing various tasks or sell baked goods. Remember, every penny counts! Here are a few tips on how to pay for your unpaid internship.

Do you know how to pay for your unpaid internship? Let us know below.

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