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How To Party When You’re Not 21 At OSU

How To Party When You’re Not 21 At OSU

Being underage at Ohio State University is annoying, especially on the weekends. Here's your guide on how to party at OSU when you're not 21 yet!

Ah, one of the most irritating aspects of college. Trying to figure out what you are going to do on the weekends when you are not 21. How are you supposed to make new friends and have fun when you are unable to get into the bars? Well, have no fear- there is always something to do! Keep reading for some general tips as to how to party at OSU when you’re not 21 yet!

The simplest and easiest answer to partying when you’re under 21 at OSU is…

Step 1:

Find upperclassmen who are over 21.

Step 2:

Pay them to buy you a bottle or case of beer.


Step 3:

Go with them to pregames and house or frat parties!

However, if you and your non-21 year old friends are trying to plan on having a good time on your own there are other ways!


1. Use a fake.

Though this is a costly option, it makes the party experience a lot more fun. It may be better to order a large group of people to get a discount. With a fake id you need to know where to go to not get denied.

Chumley’s is less strict.

Usually for bars and clubs around campus Chumley’s doesn’t have a very strict I.D. check.

Don’t bother trying at Bullwinkle.

As for Bullwinkle’s being the newer club, they have been denying people with fakes more frequently.


2. As for going out and buying your own alcohol…this can be more risky.

Although it is sometimes necessary, there are definitely some precautions when you’re doing so. Some tips to help are:

Choosing places near OSU that Don’t scan IDs.

Choosing places near OSU that don’t scan IDs (such as Kroger grocery store on King and the convenience store on 8th Ave).


You don’t want to be all jittery and nervous when using your fake. That causes suspicion.


Don’t waste a ton of money on something fancy.

Not worth it. You don’t have to blow a fortune on the good stuff to have a good time, so find the cheaper but effective drinks and grab a bottle of that.

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3. Figure out where else you can go.

Basically, it’s not difficult at all to party at OSU when you’re still a youngin; it just takes a lot of socializing and knowing where to go. Other options at OSU are abundant.

Our infamous noon football games have people tailgating at 7 in the morning! So obviously, there are opportunities here all the time, and it is truly a unique part of the college experience that you can’t really do anytime else in your life.


Do you have any tips to add on how to party when you’re not 21 at OSU? Share and comment below!
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