How To Party Sober And Still Have Fun

Your friends, your friends’ friends, and the entire cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would agree that college is for getting stupid drunk and laughing about it the morning after. But you prefer to party sober and have fun too. Don’t restrict yourself from enjoying the social aspect of college because you don’t drink. Keep Calm and Sober On with my tips on how to have fun while not drinking at parties. See tip #6 as the most important tip to remember!

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The most important factor of your night out will be to go out with your friends. These people are considered friends because they enjoy spending time with you, drunk or sober. You make them smile, and they want to see you out. Go out with people that make you smile, too. By just being in their presence, you’ll feel comfortable and consequently, look more approachable.

How To Party Sober And Still Have Fun

2. Text The Host Of The Pregame/Party

Are you friends with the host of the pregame? Shoot them a text well before you arrive to let them know your goal is to party sober that night. Then the host won’t approach you in public to offer you a drink or ask out loud if you want a beer. Overall, it’s an easy way to keep everything low-key.

3. The Oldest Trick In The Book

Is Beyonce drinking..? We may never know. Ahh, the red solo cup trick. Either bring a red solo cup with you or grab one from the pregame/party. Put whatever you want in there: water, cranberry juice, Gatorade, you name it. Carefully put the cup to your lips and sip. When you do this, observe how nobody at the party is gossiping about how the drink you just took contained no alcohol whatsoever. I also love the red solo cup trick because it gives you something to do at the pregame or party. You can dance with the cup in your hand, take sips in between lulls in conversation, or just hold it to keep your hand out of your pocket.

How To Party Sober And Still Have Fun

4. Don’t Look Down On The Drinkers

You’ll feel less on edge when you accept the drinkers for how you want them to accept you: as a fellow partyer. I say this because I had a tendency to mentally remove myself from the party when I would start to judge the drunk people around me. Yes, it is true they are making fools of themselves over there but therein lies what they see as fun, and us onlookers are no one to judge. Find your party sober fun by posting up with your friends or finding out what the fuss is with the drunk people over there: they may be more relatable than you thought.

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5. The Bar Trick

This life hack will help you enjoy your sober night out at the bar. Ask the bartender for either a Diet Coke or sparkling water with a lemon or lime with it. A garnish on the edge of your glass changes the look of your drink from snoozy to boozy. Sip with glee and self confidence as you party sober.

How To Party Sober And Still Have Fun

6. Your Confidence Crumbles Peer Pressure

The only reason you need to give if asked why you’re going sober tonight is, “Because I feel like it.” A proud chest and smirk on your face does a good job of just not showing others, but YOURSELF that you’re making the right decision for you tonight. Maybe tomorrow, next weekend, or never, is the next time you decide to drink, and when you’re ready, you will know it.

Please share some of your experiences of partying sober! Comment below.

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