How to Party In Boston When You’re Underage

The years before you turn 21 can feel like an ETERNITY, especially if you’re the younger one of your friend group. While you’re patiently waiting for your ID to become horizontal and enjoy the Disneyland for adults that is the Boston bar scene, here are some tips on how to party in Boston when you’re underage!

The dreaded dorm party.

Starting with the classic freshman move, dorm parties are always an option when every other prospect is a no-go. Get used to packing a teeny tiny room with 15 people, spilling Rubinoff on your friends’ bed sheets, and constantly having to monitor the volume in the room due to the looming knock on the door from an RA.

Pro tip: Agree on a mutual “knock code” between your friends, so everybody doesn’t die of a heart attack each time someone tries to join the party.

The famous frat party.

Filled to the brim with sticky floors and sweaty Sperry-wearing dudes, frat parties walk a fine line between extremely ratchet and ridiculously fun. You’re bound to make some of your best memories (or lack thereof) of college at these dwellings, and they’re definitely cheaper than spending $15 on a Vodka Cranberry at Bijou.


Have a turnt picnic in Boston!

For when you and your amigos are feeling a little adventurous, go with the unconventional and find a spot in Boston to discreetly sip and sit back, all while taking in the gorgeous views the city has to offer. Some great spots include the Charles River Esplanade, the Reflecting Pool, and even Boston Commons. Pack a blanket to sit on and a speaker to bump some tunes from, and you’re good to go!

Debating a fear-inducing fake ID?

For the daring, there’s always the option of trying to get away with using a fake. Get ready to beg your older sister or close friend to use theirs, or be even more risky by using a total fake you ordered off a Chinese website. You’ll want to ask around for insight as to which bars are strict versus which ones are pretty lenient. Beware of the big black box scanner, because as soon as a fake disappears into that, your night out is officially over.

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Take advantage of the Boston concert scene!

An awesome part about going to school in Boston is the seriously lively concert scene. Between House of Blues, Royale, TD Garden, and Brighton Music Hall, there’s always someone worth seeing coming through. Sure, you may spend literally all your money on concert tickets, but at least you’ll have had fun doing it.

Have a wine night in with the gal pals.

Sometimes, the most fun night can happen when you’re snuggled up in sweatpants watching Netflix with your friends, glasses of cheap Moscato in hand. You don’t have to get wasted to party in Boston when you’re underage. Celebrating #WineWednesday is a great way to relieve stress and focus on catching up with your besties, something that can be hard to do on a crazy night out. If you’re feeling a little sophisticated, pick up some Brie and Ghirardelli chocolate and indulge to your heart’s content.

How do you party in Boston when you’re underage? Comment below and share the article!
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