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How To Party at UNH If You’re Not 21

How To Party at UNH If You’re Not 21

Partying at any college isn’t always exactly easy if you’re not 21 yet. It’s just the way it is, unfortunately. However, we’re creative. (And the lines for bars at UNH are super long.) There’s always something to do! Keep reading for tips on how to party at UNH if you’re not 21!

How to party at UNH if you're not 21!

1. Try out the frats.

While they may be hard to get into sometimes, frats are a great place to go to party if you are not 21. If they are not having a social with another sorority, then walk up to the door and try your luck getting in!

They don’t ask for an ID at the door because, who cares- it’s college. There may be a “list” (sometimes they need to give these to the fire department) so try to make friends with someone in a frat beforehand and ask if you can be on the list. You will most likely get in, and they have about as much alcohol as a bar (if not more). They also give it to you for free, and who doesn’t love free booze? There is a DJ and probably a game of beer or water pong over on one end of the basement.



2. Party in your apartment or dorm.

If you want to drink with just a small group of friends, than go ahead and drink in your dorm or apartment with your own alcohol. If you have an RA make sure to be careful. Keep your music volume at a respectful level and try not to draw any extra attention to yourselves.

Set up two dressers and play beer pong or flip cup. Drinking games are more fun at home because the lights are on for you to see what you are doing and you are playing against your friends. Plus you get as drunk as you want without having to worry about finding a ride home. But party on! Drinking at home is my personal favorite because you are surrounded by 100% of your friends.





3. Find a loyal 21 year old friend.

If you don’t have a fake ID, then find someone who has a real one and can buy you alcohol. Make sure they are someone you can trust to not scam you for your money or abuse your debit card if you give them that instead. Those friends are usually pretty easy to find if you don’t already have one.


4. Party over at the Cottages & Lodges.

The Cottages & Lodges are great as long as you can find a ride there and home. (Safe rides, Uber, or a taxi are always options as an absolute last resort, the buses won’t run that late.) Once you are there and find the right house, it’s free sailing from there. If you’re not too rowdy, try out the hot tubs!


They also do not card you on the way in the door at a Cottage or Lodges party. And who doesn’t love that? Bring your alcohol that you had your 21 year old friend buy and live it up for the rest of the night. If the police come and shut it down, put your drink down and just walk out the door! There are too many people for them to arrest and even though they assume not everyone is 21, they won’t ask you for identification as long as you leave without a fight.


5. Day Drink Season is the best season.

Day drinks at UNH are super fun. The Websters and the Coops will usually be having some sort of darty if the weather is nice enough (which is always). Bring your own alcohol in a water bottle and head on over there.


The police might shut it down, but they really don’t arrest you unless you are blatantly intoxicated and causing problems. If you stay on private property you should be good to go either way. So it’s not something to stress about. Drink on!


6. Party at the Gables.

Glorified dorm drinking. The Gables are located just passed the Whittemore Center and are a series of apartments. Again, no one is restricted to partying because of his or her age. Go ahead into your friend’s apartment and have at it. Police tend to show up often, but not always. And if they do, the same rules that apply to the cottages, applies here: Put the drink down and walk out. No need to worry about getting arrested just for being there. (Again, kind of a hike to get home, see #4.)



7. Get a Fake ID!

Speaking of Fake IDs, they are a great investment. While they can be expensive as hell, I promise you they are worth it. The bars at UNH however are pretty hard to get into, and are relatively decent at spotting a fake ID at first glance. If they catch you, the worst that will probably happen is they take it and send you away.

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Buying alcohol at Hannafords or on Main Street is also risky because the clerks are very aware that over half of college students are not of age. The Dirty D is a college town after all. It does work sometimes, but if you are scared, try using it somewhere not in Durham where the deviance expectancy is a little lower. (Hint: Dover, hint hint.)




9. If you’re brave, try out Portsmouth.

If you have a fake ID, go ahead and try some of the bars in Portsmouth. While using a fake is risky everywhere, there are plenty of places to try your luck! If you get in, guaranteed you are going to have a blast. Happy raging!



10. Mei Wei is always a safe bet.

Mei Wei is the easiest place to underage drink in the book. They wont flag your fake ID, they won’t flag your friends fake ID either, even if you use it for yourself. Students like to joke about how they only card you for the cameras. I love Mei Wei, not just for their leniency towards fakes, but they have great Chinese food.

Pro tip: Get the scorpion bowl and share with a friend. Or don’t…



How else do you party at UNH if you’re not 21? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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