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How to Pack in One Bag

How to Pack in One Bag

Now that the fear of Covid-19 has subsided, we have all started to travel again! YAY! Although you may be struggling when you are packing for your trip. I think everyone works with packing; what should I bring, what will I want to wear, does this outfit make sense, how many shoes should I get, etc.? Packing should not be this stressful; you should be excited to return to the world and travel again. But you will probably find that you struggle with weight or bag limits when packing for vacations.
Whether driving or flying, or taking a ferry to your next destination, space is always an issue. Most of the time, you are only allowed one more giant suitcase that is free of charge, or you may only be able to bring one bag because you don’t have enough room in the car. Sometimes, trying to fit everything you think you need into one bag can be daunting and may even seem impossible. For example, you may think you want options while on vacation or need to pack more because you feel you don’t have access to a washer and dryer. But it is very realistic, and I’m here to show you how you can pack it in one bag for your next trip!

1. Shoes

When it comes to packing shoes, you may find this the most challenging part. How can you fit all your clothes, cosmetics, and shoes in one bag? Well, when you are packing, you must limit yourself. If the goal is to fill in one bag, you cannot pack eight pairs of shoes; there alone is one bag. So, if you want to plug in one bag, here is one of the tips only pick out three shoes, a maximum of four. Depending on what you are packing for, I think this terminally works. If you are going on a beach vacation and planning to work out, wear your sneakers on your travel day and pack two pairs of shoes. One that is casual and can be worn to the beach and pool, and the other shoe is perfect for dinner and a fancier occasion. If you travel and need to pack for the cold, wear your most significant, most sensible shoes for traveling. If you must wear boots on your flight, do it because this will take up a lot of real estate in your suitcase. Then pack your smaller shoes. When it comes to packing for shoes, make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, meaning choosing neutral shoes to go with every outfit you have packed. I’m optimistic that this will help you fill in one bag by following these tips on shoes.

2. Laundry room

I feel as though when we are packing, a common thought is I need to fill extra because what if I stain this shirt or spill wine on my dress? For some reason, when we are packing, we all assume we need to pack 30 pairs of underwear in case of an accident. I understand this fear; the last thing you want is to have to wear a stained shirt on vacation. I recommend checking the resort that you are staying at if they have a laundry room or service. You may be surprised to learn that most resorts do offer these amenities. This will save you from packing extra sweatshirts, pj’s, outfits, and more because you have the option if you need to do laundry. If they have a laundry room, cut back on your bulkier items, such as sweatshirts, underwear, and PJs. This is because no one will see you in these outfits, so it won’t matter how many times you wear them, just if they are clean. Checking if your hotel has a laundry room will help you pack into one bag. It will probably make you only fill what you need, which is the point!


3. Packing cases

When packing, things can get disorganized quickly, and we might throw everything into a bag, hoping it will fit. We’ll let me tell you something not having your clothes folded will not allow you to pack as much into one bag. I recommend using packing cases. These are extremely helpful when packing all your items into one bag and help your bag stay more organized while traveling. These compact bags are fantastic; you can fill them in any style that makes sense. You can have one case dedicated to all of your delicates: underwear, socks, and bras. One dedicated to workout outfits, others to dinner outfits, or you can have them organized by clothing items, all shorts in one case, all bathing suits in the other, etc. As you go through your trip, you can use an empty packing case for your dirty laundry, and if you have the space and are organized enough, you can manage your dirty laundry into different wash cycles. These packing cases will ensure that you fit all your belongings into one bag and help make unpacking much more accessible! Do yourself a favor and order a few packing issues. It will change the way you pack forever!

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4. Outfits

Have you ever gotten to your destination, gone to get dressed, and realized that nothing seems to match? Well, I have, and this is so frustrating because I have wasted space on tops, shorts, skirts, jeans, and sweaters, and not all of them seem to match as I was hoping, and it has led me to overpack completely. When packing, I recommend laying out your outfit on your bed and floor and asking yourself if this outfit makes sense? Will I wear this outfit, and can I wear this top with those jeans? If the answer is yes, then pack this outfit. I highly recommend using this tactic because it will help you find a company that makes sense and that you can mix and match items to create a new look! If your goal is to pack in one bag, you should think about laying your outfits out!


I can guarantee that these four tips will help you pack in one bag for your next vacation!