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How To Pack For College: Tips and Tricks for Moving Into a Dorm Room

How To Pack For College: Tips and Tricks for Moving Into a Dorm Room

Late August/early September will be here before you know it and for you college students that means move-in day! A day that is very exciting, but can be kind of hectic. Or a lot of hectic. But don’t worry, we have some tips that will help make your move-in day a little smoother. Here are some tips for when you pack for college.

Begin Packing A Week In Advance

You do not want to wait till the night before to start packing, it will only create more stress and might even keep you up late at night doing so. And you need to be well rested for the big day ahead of you. It’s good to get a jump start for when you pack for college.

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Start with the college items that you store bought and haven’t opened yet, laundry baskets, desk lamps, notebooks. Then make sure you use your suitcases for clothes. Load up on the underwear and socks! Pack up any decorations you plan to put in your dorm and midnight snacks to munch on. When it finally gets to the day before, double check everything you’ve packed. Make a list if you have to and check off to make sure you have everything and you’re good to go!

Load Up The Car The Night Before

Depending on how far away your college is, it’s a good idea to get a jump start on loading up the car the previous night. That way you don’t have to worry about it in the morning and you can just get yourself ready and go! It’ll make the journey a lot easier on you.

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Ask For Help From Your Family

See if as many family members as possible can come to help you on move-in day. The extra pair of hands will be soo much more helpful to you in the long run. Your dorm might night be on the first floor of your building and if that is the case then multiple trips aren’t going to be very ideal.

To minimize the trips, having as many people helping you as you can make the move-in process go a lot more smoothly. If two parents can come to help you then that is great, if your siblings come to that’s even better.

Ask If There Is A Flatbed Available For Use

Some colleges understand the difficulties of move-in day so they have ways to help transport the things that you pack for college, to your dorms. When you go to check in and receive your dorm key, make sure to ask if they have any flatbeds or anything to help you move your items into your dorm.

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Set Up Your Bed ASAP

The first thing you want to unpack is your bed sheets. You’re probably going to want to sit down at some point from the long day of unloading and having a nice clean bedsheet is going to feel so nice at the end of it.

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Place Boxes Before Unpacking Them

Put your suitcases of clothes near the closet, the boxes of decorations near the wall, your notebooks on your desk. This is just until you’re actually ready to unpack everything. If you already have it in the right spot, it will make the transition soo much easier.

Unload Your Clothes Next

Your suitcases are something you are going to have all year round, in case you decide to go home and visit on the weekends or even for Thanksgiving and Spring break. So it’s good to get your clothes unpacked and your suitcases stored away so you know you have a good spot for them and can find them easily.

Did you find these move-in tips helpful for when you pack for college? Let us know in the comments below!

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