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How To Overcome The Struggles Of Post Grad Depression

Being a Post Grad can be stressful in many ways. There’s the stress of student loans, finding a job and transitioning from being in school all the time to having nothing to do. As a fellow post grad who’s been struggling to get my life together, I’ve found myself feeling unhappy with life. It’s common for post grads to suffer with post grad depression or a quarter life crisis. If you’re struggling with post grad depression, Here are a few ways to overcome the struggles of Post Grad Depression.

Take Time Searching for a Job

Being unemployed can put a major toll on your mental health. We live in an era where people are braggadocious when it comes to making money and buying materialistic items. Most newly college grads get a job within 6 months to a year after graduation. I know someone who didn’t land a job until 2 years after graduating. Take a few days off and treat yourself to a movie or get together with friends for lunch. Sending out 30 job applications a day can be stressful especially if you’re not hearing back. The right job will pop up at the right time.

Learn A New Language

It’s always beneficial to speak multiple languages. Not only are you learning a new form of communication but its a skill that can be added to your resume. If you plan to take a trip to Paris try to learn french. Apps like Duolingo can teach you up to 8 languages for FREE! If you have friends who are bilingual, ask them to teach you. As someone who is trilingual, I always appreciate when someone is interested into learning a new language.

Find A New Hobby

Finding a hobby can help you overcome post grad depression because it’s a distraction. Engaging in a new hobby can be done for physical or entertainment purposes. Depending on the hobby, it can potentially turn into a job. Learning to play an instrument can eventually turn into a passion wanting to work in the music industry. Find a hobby that can stimulate the mind and body. Working out is an excellent hobby, it involves improving your physical and mental health. If you’re a person with a wandering eye, it can be entertaining to see come to the gym just to take selfies.

Listen To A Podcast

There are podcast ranging with topics from pop culture to mental health. Mental health podcast can ensure to you, that you’re not the only person struggling with post grad depression. It can be relatable because they provide advice on how to overcome depression but provide events catered to bettering mental health.

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Everyone should go to therapy, it’s therapeutic to just spill your frustrations and emotions to someone. There are many ways to get into contact with a therapist. If you’re not worried financially, set an appointment with a local therapist. For those who need to save some coins, try the app Talkspace. Talkspace is an online therapy app with licensed therapist around the world ready to talk. Their packages range from $45-$76 weekly. Don’t be afraid to try therapy.

If you’re going through post grad depression, please know that you’re not the only person going through this feeling. It’s not only preparing you for the future but providing a story to tell. You can overcome post grad depression!

Do you have any tips or advice to overcoming post grad depression? Comment and share this article with your friends!
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