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How To Organize Your Dorm When You Live In A Triple

How To Organize Your Dorm When You Live In A Triple

Dorm rooms are small enough, never mind being stuck in a triple. It can be hard to make space for everything. Here is how to organize your dorm room!

The day I found out I absolutely had to sign up to be in a triple dorm room was not a fun one. Everyone dreams of their first college room– just you and your roommate sitting on your single beds with your decorations all over the walls, laughing with each other from across the room. But don’t freak out too much if this happens to you! Although being in a triple isn’t the ideal way to room in college, especially during your first year, it’s really not as bad as some people make it out to be. These are tips to organize your dorm room when you’re forced in a triple!

Hofstra University Dorm Room:

Figure out a plan BEFORE you move in.

In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to contact your roommates ahead of time. Even if you signed up for a random room, like I did, many schools will tell you who else signed up in the same room and will have their phone numbers listed right there online. I would definitely suggest creating a group chat between the three of you and then hashing out a rough plan for rooming before you even get to school.

Compromise so everyone has equal space.

Similar to the first tip, try to make sure everyone has enough equal space. It wouldn’t be fair if one roommate got a closet to themselves and the single bed. Again, try to plan it all out ahead of time to ensure that everyone has enough space and is happy with the living arrangements.

Keep everything neat.

Because the rooms feel pretty small as it is with three people and all their stuff in it, it’s best to try and keep the room tidy at all times. Be mindful if you have laundry that isn’t put away or trash on your desk space!

Don’t bring all your clothes at once.

There is no way you’ll be able to bring every single article of clothing you have to school, especially if you’re living in a triple. Either have your clothes mailed after move-in or swap some out when you go home for break!

Use useful items to divide closets.

The closets are usually a decent size and you will most likely have a lot of drawer space as well.  Make sure you only hang what is necessary! Anything that can be folded should be put in the drawers.

This is a great way to organize your dorm closet.:

Copy This Look:

Get creative with storage.

Storage is the key to making your triple work! This is when good storage habits are useful. Clear storage bins are great for this as well as baskets and fabric boxes.

Dorm Room. Storage under bed.:

Copy  This Look:

Respect each other’s space.

This is a general rule for anyone living with roommates.  As long as you keep your stuff organized and in its own space, you should all be good to go.  Always respect each other’s things.  If something bothers you, let your roommates know!

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Don’t get too hung up on the living situation.

In all honestly, living in a triple room isn’t that bad.  Sure, it’s usually no one’s first choice for college, but even if you are forced to live in a triple it’s really not the end of the world.

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Have you been in this situation and have tips to add to organize your dorm room when you’re forced in a triple!?

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These are the best ways to organize a dorm room when you live in a tipple!


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