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How To Not Live In Fear

How To Not Live In Fear

Here's how to not live in fear. These tips for overcoming fear are useful and insightful. These life tips on fear are great and will take you far in life. Don't live in fear. Don't allow yourself to succumb to the fear of living life.

If I’ve noticed one “truism” in life it’s that FEAR is the greatest detriment to our well-being than any other emotion known to humankind. I’ve seen my loved ones develop crippling mental illnesses and anxiety issues that kept them from realizing all they could BE in this life (which is really just a “dress rehearsal” for the next one–the eternal life). I’ve given a lot of thought to why we hang onto our fears–however irrational and horrific they may be. The only conclusion I have drawn, is that most of us are just too scared of being SUCCESSFUL–we aren’t afraid of failure–we’ve already achieved that by giving fear the “free rein” in our hearts and minds. Here’s how to not live in fear.motivation, pink, and positive image

So, how do we tap into our “inner Braveheart”?

Listen to that still, small voice that wants us to step out of the “box of fear” that we’ve created for ourselves…listen HARD to that voice…because that’s the voice of TRIUMPH and TREASURES of the spirit far above anything we could usually comprehend. Spend time meditating, reading inspirational books…listening to music that inspires the creative juices within you….and just be still and ASK for guidance on how to overcome the fear that grips at your mind and soul and prevents you from being everything you should be. This truly helps when learning¬†how to not live in fear.¬†dreams, goals, and inspiration image

I know in my own life when I took one “baby step” forward into the “great unknown” the other steps forward came easier; the positive energy flowed through my brain, giving me insights into how to accomplish feats that I never even imagined I could. When I tap into this “positive energy”–for lack of a more spiritual term…I am truly amazed at the peace and joy that I experience. My thoughts are not random and jumbled but clear-cut and decisive and I can develop “action plans” with lightning speed.


Quiet Time

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I dare say that if we all would spend “quiet time” waiting on this inspiration from our Creator the world would be so much better. We might even see cures for debilitating diseases and disorders developing all around the world–now wouldn’t that just be truly MIRACULOUS. Of course, disease has become a HUGE PROFIT CENTER–so the big pharmas, medical centers and insurance companies may try to quash such developments. But I believe we are in the “space” we are given in this world to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE….so THROW AWAY fear–it serves NO GOOD PURPOSE for us or our world. STEP OUT IN FAITH….and see what miracles–be they big or small–you can create.

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