How To Nail The 70s Aesthetic This Fall

This fall season there have been so many styles swinging their way back into the mainstream, but one aesthetic that has seemed to outlive it’s decade is the 70s aesthetic. The look is one that takes a good amount of confidence to pull off though because the 70s aesthetic is not one that tends to fly under the radar. If you think you can groove with this style, then here’s how to nail the 70s aesthetic this fall!

1. Flared Jeans

This is a very popular aspect of the 70s aesthetic in every iteration of it. These jeans are perfect because they can make your legs look ten times longer and accentuate your figure to make it look more hourglass.

With so many stylized version of the flared jeans, it’s important to pick a style that really fits with you and your overall vibes. You can choose from regular blue jean flares or go for super flared bell bottoms with red star or flower patches all over them, the choice is yours.

Sabrina Carpenter sporting a pair of flared jeans.


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Flared Jeans from Free People

2. Ringer Tees

Another staple in the 70s aesthetic are the vintage ringer tees. These can be about anything from bands to national parks to cheeky sayings.

These vintage cotton tees really give your looks a timely feel by using a lot of old school graphics and type with faded images and words. You can find these tops almost anywhere, you could even look in thrift stores to get that true vintage feeling!
Girl In A Ringer Tee


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Ringer Tee From American Eagle

3. Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow is a must-have to achieve the 70s aesthetic. I honestly can’t think of another that so well represents this era and it’s fashion. The fun part about adding this color into your wardrobe is that you can throw it in almost anywhere.

My personal favorite way to put this color into my outfits in the fall are with a mustard yellow turtleneck, but you could also get some mustard yellow corduroy jeans or a jacket. There are almost endless ways to work this into your wardrobe!


Girl wearing a mustard yellow turtleneck while holding a cat.

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Yellow Sweater From Urban Outfitters

4. Funky Patterns

The patterns used in the 70s just might be one of the most important and influential aspects of the 70s aesthetic. The crazy prints are also one of the big reasons that the 70s aesthetic might not be one for the faint of heart.


Of course you can omit the crazy patterns from your wardrobe and just move on to the next aspect of the 70s aesthetic, but where would the fin in that be? 

Between crazy paisley designs, colorful stripes and interesting florals, there is a 70s aesthetic pattern for any outfit. pair that with the next outfit and you’ve got some really eye catching outfits to where around your campus this fall!

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Girl in vintage tee and striped pants


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Striped Pants From Forever 21

5. Interesting Fabrics

This 70s aesthetic essential is what really makes this aesthetic stand out (besides all of the wacky patterns). The usage of slightly unusual fabrics adds another layer that really solidifies your 70s aesthetic wardrobe.

Corduroy, velvet, glossy leather and suede seem to take center stage when it comes to these looks. These fabrics pop up on any fashion item without bias, its just as easy to find leather pants as it is corduroy or even velvet. 


Personally my favorite forms of corduroy are jackets and pants, but everyone has a different way of rocking these fabrics!

Girl Wearing A Corduroy Jacket

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Corduroy Jacket from Tillys


The 70s aesthetic is a style that, when done right, is incredible to see in your daily life. You could even reserve this style for nights out on the town or even just to make a splash on social media! Will you be showing of your 70s aesthetic to your friends this fall?

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