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10 Tips For How To Nail An Interview With Your Dream Company

10 Tips For How To Nail An Interview With Your Dream Company

A job interview is just a foot in the door. You need to figure out how to nail an interview in order to get hired. Here's how you can absolutely kill it!

The job interview. The moment that puts you one step closer to your dream job. It is a stressful notion to consider, but a necessary part of climbing the business ladder. Landing that big interview is a huge step towards achieving your goals, but the following step is much greater. Here are a few ways how to nail an interview.

1. Have a firm handshake

It is a classic tip that you have heard time and time again. Having a good handshake is one of the first things a person will notice when they meet you, as it is that first moment you display your strength and assertiveness.


2. Dress to impress

This is a given, but find that perfect interview outfit that will make you feel unstoppable. There are tips and references all over the internet on what to wear and what not to wear to an interview. It is a strict list, so follow it and rock that perfect ensemble.

3. Have the right body language

Figuring out how to nail an interview is not just about what you say. It’s what you do. During your interview, make sure you sit up straight and don’t slouch. Make eye contact with your interviewer and nod along so that they know you are serious about where you are. Body language speaks volumes, so make sure you are sending the right message.

4. Know the company

You may be interviewing at your dream job, which means you know the company like the back of your hand. If this isn’t the case, make sure you research all you can about the company. Your interviewer may ask you specific questions pertaining to the business and you certainly don’t want to get caught off guard and seem like you don’t care about the company.


5. Smile

This is a simple tip, but crucial. Your nerves may get the best of you and you don’t want that to show on your face. If you look scared or uncomfortable that may affect your interview in the long run. Be sure to smile during your interview and present yourself in a positive light.

6. Follow up after the interview

How to nail an interview isn’t limited to when you walk out of your interview. You may think that that is the end of it, but it’s not. In the next following days, make sure you send an email thanking the interviewer for their time and that you would be honored to be considered. Sending a hand written letter is even better. Reminding them that this is something you really want will demonstrate to them that you’re serious.

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7. Know your resume

You may think you know your resume very well. After all, you made it. Sometimes an interviewer will ask you a specific question about your past job experience. At that point, you should not have a deer in the headlights look. You should have an answer ready immediately, showing that you are always involved in everything you do. It shows you care.

8. Take notes

During the interview, your interviewer will share some information about the company or requirements of the position you are applying for. At this point, have a pen and paper ready with you to take notes. These are things you may not remember after the fact and showing your interviewer that you are eager to learn is a plus.

9. Have questions prepared

At the end of your interview, they may ask you if you have any questions. At that point it’s best to have something prepared that shows you’re willing to learn and get right to work. Ask them what they expect of someone in the position you are applying for, or what they enjoy most about their company.


10. Have confidence

It may be easy for you to feel like you aren’t worthy. We all do sometimes. The most important part about going into an interview is holding your head up high and believing that you belong there. Remind yourself how hard you have worked and how long you waited for this opportunity. Exude this confidence and believe in yourself. Your interviewer will believe in you, too.

What are your best tips for how to nail an interview? Put it in the comments below!