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How To Move In To Your New Apartment

How To Move In To Your New Apartment

How To Move In To Your New Apartment

Let’s be honest: moving in is not fun. However, after the move in is complete, it feels so relieving to finally have a space to yourself.

Even though it may seem simple, moving in actually is very complex and can take days to do. Here’s some guidelines on how to move into your new apartment quick and easy!

Packing Up

Packing requires not only a ton of boxes and bags, but a lot of organization. Though it may seem miniscule, grocery store plastic bags will be your savior.


Try to organize all of your clothes into a luggage so that you can store it in a concealed space. You certainly do not want clothes falling everywhere as you move it since it will get dirty and make a mess, so store it up!

Make sure to label all your boxes or else you will forget where you put everything. Put kitchen appliances in a box labeled “Kitchen” and your bathroom supplies in a toiletries box. Bigger items such as rice cookers, toasters, blenders, or water filters have to go in a separate box.


If you are going to put all your shoes in your luggage, make sure to put each pair in a plastic bag, because the dirt from the shoes will either ruin your luggage or dirty your clothes.

All knickknacks and valuables should be concealed by stuffing them with plastic bags. Again, plastic bags provide protection and support, so make sure to take advantage of them when moving.

Try to disassemble any parts that can be disassembled so that it is easier to carry. If you leave it as is, it would just be a waste of space.



Depending on how many items you have depends on the transportation you will use. For example, if you are fresh out of a dorm room and have no huge furniture, you can easily move in with just a car. However, if you are moving from another house or apartment with tons of furniture, you might want to call a friend or get a moving truck.


Trucks are the best bet for moving since they can hold the most weight. Be careful if you are trying to stuff everything in your car, because you cannot have any of your belongings blocking your mirrors.

It does not hurt to ask people to help you move, so having multiple cars would be a good idea so you do not overfill one car and possibly damage items.


Moving In

When moving in, make sure you can handle the weight. For example, if you cannot lift more than 100 pounds, have someone else carry those heavy items for you. Usually it is difficult to move into apartments since they are multiple stories high and if there is an elevator, an elevator can only fit so much.

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Ask the right people to help you move. If you have a ton of heavy furniture, ask your strong friends who you know can handle the weight.


Never move in at night since it could be very dangerous to have your belongings out in the open.


When unpacking, wear a mask. Dust will be absolutely everywhere and will make you feel congested, and it is not fun to unpack while unable to breathe.


Try to go room-by-room and unpack each item gradually. You do not have to do everything in one day, so take your time and only go for what you need to unpack first. For example, assemble your bed first along with kitchen and bathroom supplies.

Try to clean the rooms before you unpack so you can start off fresh and not have to deal with any leftover dust or grime. Apartments, when empty, usually have a lot of dust and sometimes bugs.


How often do you move? What are some tips you have for moving day? Tell us in the comments!

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