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How To Mentally Prepare Before Opening Your College Acceptance Letters

How To Mentally Prepare Before Opening Your College Acceptance Letters

College Acceptance Letters are hard to deal with. Getting College Acceptance Letters can be nerve-wracking. You may be experiencing tons of anxiety and are too scared to even open it. All of these feelings and behaviors are acceptable and real. It is okay that you feel all of this. Choosing and deciding what college you go to has a heavy influence on your future. It can even impact your career choice and what you do for the rest of your life. No matter what happens, you should know that everything will be okay. Everything will be fine. When you work hard, things will always grow in your favor eventually. It makes not be the way you planned it, but it will all pan out eventually. With that being said, this article showcases a few tips that help you take that step to open your college acceptance letters and figuring out your future. Just breathe and keep reading. 

1. Know that it isn’t the end of the world 

It is important for you to understand, no matter what the answer is, that it isn’t the end of the world. Your life will continue after this moment. You will get past this moment, whether you are accepted or not. There are plenty of well-known people who faced rejected at the beginning of their lives, but they did not let that be the end of their journey. You have to have this same mentality in order to get somewhere in life. People that preserve and work towards the life they want are the only ones that get rewarded. Of course, you want to be accepted into the college of your choice, but there are other valid options out there for you. You don’t have to plan out what your next move will be. Just know that it will be okay in the long run, and everything will work out fine. 


2. Understand that you still have value and worth

You should prep yourself mentally before you open the College Acceptance Letters. Try to know and recognize that it will not determine your worth. If you get rejected, it is okay. If you don’t feel okay right now, just know that you will in the future. You will figure it out and work through it. You are still a strong and smart person. That college may not be the right one for you either, and that’s okay. Leave your option open, because there’s more than one way to get things done. There isn’t one direct path to achieve success. You are more valuable that one sheet one paper and whatever it says on it.  You have more worth than just one experience. 

3. Know that you still have other options out there

Know that there are other colleges out there that are interested in you. There are so many colleges within this country, so there’s definitely one for you out there. You just have to find the right one. If you are not accepted into your first college, you still have the opportunity to apply to another. You do not have to put your plans on hold. You can be successful elsewhere. You still have a chance to reach your goal, execute all the dreams, and life long plans that you have for yourself. 


4. Picture an acceptance and rejection 

Sometimes it can help to visualize your reaction with both outcomes. You are basically planning it all out. Positively picture both of them. For example think to yourself, “If I am accepted, then I can celebrate with my friends and family. We can start packing and planning on me moving into my dorm.” If you are rejected, still think of it in a positive light. For example, “I did not get accepted that’s okay. I can still achieve my goals. I will figure it out. I will apply to this college. I still haven’t heard from this college yet.” Doing this will help you feel better and more at peace with whatever outcomes happens. 


5. Surround yourself with family and friends afterward and beforehand 

Put your dream team together. These are all the people that will be rooting for you no matter what. People that offer you unconditional love and are there for you in the good times and the bad. No matter what news you get from the letter, they are there to support and/or rejoice with you. True friends and genuine family members are people that stick it out with you through thick and thin. These are your friends that always share a kind word with you. These are family members that always have your back even when you fail because they understand that failing is learning. When you fail, you learn how to better approach the same issue later on. Failing and rejection is a part of life. 

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6. Think about transferring into your dream college

If you are not able to go there, try applying to a college that you know will be easier to get into. Maybe even try applying to a two-year college and transferring once you get your associate’s degree. Your credits will transfer over, and you will be graduating at the same time as your high school class. There is more than one way to get things done. If you really want to get into that college, this is a step you can take if you are not accepted at first. This step will require extra research as well. Every college has separate criteria and requirements for transfer students. Keep those requirements in mind in order to reach your goal.  

7. Try applying for the Spring Semester again 

If getting into this college is very important to you, look into their policies and see if you can apply again for the spring semester. This tactic will be especially helpful if you believe your SAT/ACT was the reason for your rejection. You can study and take a course in order to improve your grade and work on getting accepted.


What colleges have you applied to? Are you nervous about receiving your College Acceptance Letter? 

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