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How To Manage Your Class Schedule This Fall

How To Manage Your Class Schedule This Fall

School is always stressful. College especially will test your time management skills as well as your responsibility. Though the main reason why one attends college is to attend the classes, many other things like clubs, societies, and parties will make it harder for you to manage your class schedule. Here are a couple of things to try and keep in mind to help you manage your time, as well as your class schedule this Fall.

Block Your Classes

An easy way to keep your schedule memorized is having your classes take place all right after each other. This may be taxing, mentally and physically, on those who are not used to taking classes tight after the next, but this can help keep track of all our classes. Usually, college classes will be either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. As such, having classes take place all through the day will be a bit harder to keep track of. If you can manage it, keeping all your classes take place during the same time of day will keep the rest of your day free for clubs, meetings, or other college events that may take place. Keeping your classes right after each other will allow you to plan ahead much better, and have you worry less if your plans are clashing with your class schedule this fall.

How To Manage Your Class Schedule This Fall

Keep An Agenda

Agenda may be sold at our school store, though these may be rather expensive. Try other stores and look for agendas that you will not mind looking at every day during Fall. Not everyone can keep their schedules memorized in their head the entire Fall. As such, try keeping an agenda with all you day to day tasks. Also, try writing your assignments and test dates. This way, you do not accidentally plan an event and forget that their as a very important homework assignment due the next day. A calendar can also work, but an agenda has the additional benefit of being carried with you wherever you go. A such, the likeliness of forgetting to write an event or an engagement down.

Do Not Take On Too Much

College classes allow you to take however many classes you want as long as they do not take place at the same time and you have enough money to afford them. This may become more of a liability than an advantage since many students might run rampant and attempt to take 6,7, or even 8 classes. Incoming Freshman may see this is doable, but listen to any college student, and they will deny the possibility and call it impossible, and they are right. Even if you take a recommended number of classes, if you are not accustomed to multiple classes, you will be unable to manage your fall schedule. When choosing how many classes to take try to choose an amount that you understand for sure you are able to keep track of. This number is either 4 or 5 classes. Taking this number of classes allows you to graduate in 4 or 5 years, also keeping in mind any other credits you may have brought in from dual credit courses, AP tests, or other colleges. Keep the number of classes around 4 or 5, and your Fall schedule will be much more manageable.

How To Manage Your Class Schedule This Fall

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Interesting Classes

Also, try taking classes that are not too hard for you. Depending on your interest, STEM or liberal arts classes may be more difficult. Though you may have to take one of the other parts of your core, try choosing the class that you may not have trouble with. Even if you want to learn more, be cautious with your class schedule. A bad grade in a class is not worth spending so much money on said class.

How To Manage Your Class Schedule This Fall

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to manage your Fall schedule, If you guys have any other tips, share them below.

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