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How To Make Your Work From Home Space Comfy

How To Make Your Work From Home Space Comfy

How To Make Your Work From Home Space Comfy

Working from home is something the majority of people have had to get accustomed to. Issues that can come up when working from home is that your home and work life are not separated. So it’s essential to ensure that you make your work from home space professional but also comfortable since you will be spending most of your day in it.

1. Organizer

For some, space is limited so having a good organizer on your desk or in your office space is a great way to feel organized. Going from having a large space to having your make-shift office at home, it’s the little things that keep people going. Being in a confined space, it’s easy to feel like clutter is stacking up. Plus, if you like the feeling of being organized even if it is something so small, this is a good way to feel like you’re still at work. Home is where things can get lost and never be found again, so making sure your work from home space is as organized as possible will leave you feeling good.

2. A Good Chair

Office chairs can be an afterthought sometimes. They can also be picked out for the aesthetic rather than comfort because sometimes you don’t anticipate spending a lot of time in there when putting your office together. However, once your entire workday is spent in that home office chair, you can either regret or love what you’re sitting in. Sitting in a comfortable chair while you work can truly make all of the difference. You need support, cushion, accessibility, etc. Good chairs aren’t that cheap too, so if you can find one on an online marketplace or if you feel like splurging, make sure it’s a chair you don’t mind sitting a few hours in.


3. Good Lighting

Staring at a computer screen or closely at papers can hurt anyone’s eyes and head. If you then add in some harsh lighting, you probably won’t make it through half your day before getting a headache. Having soft lighting so that you can see what you’re working on without it being too much will relieve some pressure from your body. Having either a small desk lamp or an overhead with soft-lit light bulbs will help immensely. When you work from home, you have to make adjustments that ensure you’re comfortable throughout your day.

4. Candle/Wall Flowers

You want your work from home space to smell good. So making sure you have either candles or some sort of wall plug-in will make you feel good. When you are surrounded by your favorite smell, you are happier in general. So, if you have the chance to have your favorite smell in your office space without having to worry about the people around you not liking it or being sensitive to it, you should absolutely do it. Creating a work from home space that is absolutely yours will make sure that you are putting your best work in.

5. Natural Light

During day time, sometimes lights and natural light can be far too much. Making sure your home office has at least one window or a way for natural light to shine in would be ideal. If that’s not an option, then there are lights on Amazon that imitate natural light. Regardless of what route you go, when you have natural light in your work from home space you feel better. Natural light is absolutely a necessity in all work from home spaces.


6. Foot Rest

Sometimes working from you need to kick your feet up. Incorporating a footrest into your work from home space is a must. Comfort is a big thing especially when you’re sitting in a chair all day. When you sit in the same spot for eight hours a day, naturally you will need to change positions. This could mean standing up and stretching or having a place to comfortably extend your legs. Making sure your body doesn’t feel cramped up in the space it’s in will make your day feel less long. Comfort is key in any situation, but especially in your work from home space.

7. Good Stationery

A good pen and paper are hard to come by, but when you find your favorite never go back. When you have a good pen to write with, naturally you will be inclined to write with it more. So, being able to enjoy taking notes or writing things down will provide a small piece of satisfaction. Now, if you bring different colored pens you use for different things, that opens a whole new world of organization that will have you wanting to write.

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8. Enough Space

Sometimes, you need to declutter a space so you can make it your work from home office. This is a win, win situation because you get to get rid of some stuff in order to make a space feel larger for yourself. Having enough room where you’re working can help you feel less cramped. Since you will have to bring your work stuff in and have an entire desk full of things, having the space around you feel less full can help your mind.

9. Plants

Plants help the vibe of any space. Now, if you have plants in your work from home space it can help you bring some color into the room and they’re also just nice to look at. When you have indoor plants, it boosts your productivity and concentration, this is key for your work from homespace. Since you are working at home, you get to decorate your home with plants that you love while benefiting from them in more ways than one.

10. Quiet Place

Sometimes working from home there are external factors that make your work from home space seem hectic. Making sure that you are at least in the quietest room in the house will make sure that you won’t feel like you’re really only a few feet from your bedroom. A quiet work from home space can make your day move so much smoother. So, if you can’t separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of your home, at least make sure those around have an idea of your work schedule so that it will remain as quiet as possible.


What have you added to your work from home space? Let us know below!