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How To Make Your Style Look “Clean”

How To Make Your Style Look “Clean”

This clean style fashion guide is for you if you like the sort of style that makes individuals look sophisticated while still being super chic!

1. Simple Pieces Of Jewelry 

The first piece of advice on our clean style guide is to keep your accessories simple and minimal. Gold pieces are always the way to go; a few layered silky chains, a delicate necklace, and a few gorgeous rings will be enough to do the trick! The best part about opting for more simple accessories is that it will enhance your clean fashion style as well as it is sure to never overcomplicate an outfit, it will simply add a touch of elegance and detail to your ensemble without going overboard. The best way to go about this is to find your favorite necklaces and other jewelry pieces to make them your signature go tos in terms of accessories; that way you are not only allowing yourself to keep a sleek and elegant look but you are also allowing yourself to personalize each of your looks. This goes for all other accessories as well, be sure to opt for a smaller, neutral-colored bag and other simple accessories such as a minimal hat or sleek sunglasses! 


2. Slick Back Bun

When deciding what to do with your hair to lock in the clean style look, a slick back bun is always the way to go. This polished look is not only guaranteed to keep your hair out of your face but it will also leave you looking sophisticated all while remaining chic and will give you the look of a model off duty. Plus, the look is super easy to master and only takes a few crucial steps in order to make sure it perfectly fits the profile of a “clean style.” The key ingredients to a slick back bun are simple: Create a sharp center part, grip your hair back tightly, pulling it up at the correct angle to create a brow lift effect, and then lastly ensure that there is no trace of any flyaways by putting in a generous amount of moisturizing and conditioning products! You may want to opt for products that are made to be anti-frizz or that are healthy leave-in products that will help your hair rather than damage it. The end result of this hairstyle will leave your entire ensemble looking ten times more elegant and polished!

3. Neutral Colors

Your color scheme when trying to achieve a clean style should remain focused on mainly neutral colors such as beige, ivory, taupe, and others. Not only will these colors make you look more clean and chic, they are also extremely convenient to create ensembles out of! These colors can blend in and pair with nearly anything which is why they are so popular in the fashion industry right now; they are everybody’s wardrobe staples because you can mix and match your clothing without really having to worry about anything clashing! You can easily add a pop of a different color if you are feeling too boring but all in all neutral colors are the perfect key ingredient to clean style. 


4. Basic Staples 

If you are hoping to achieve a clean style, your closet should be filled to the brim with basic staples such as white tanks, mom jeans, and other simple yet chic clothing. This allows you to not only create a plethora of different outfits using only a few key ingredients, but it also allows you to lock in the chic clean style ambiance that you are hoping to go for. A favorite go-to outfit that is perfect for everyday activities such as school or coffee with a friend that also allows you to live out your clean style dream is this: A cropped white muscle tank matched with your favorite pair of mom jeans and finished off with your choice of delicate gold accessories and a simple mini bag. This ensemble is not only perfect as an everyday look and simple to recreate, but it also effortlessly makes you look chicer! You can even go about this with a more comfy look if you are not exactly sure you can get yourself to wear jeans every day; simply match your comfiest pair of black leggings with a simple zip up and you are good to go! All you have to do is ensure your hair is in a polished style such as a slick back bun and that you are minimal with your accessories. It really is all about filling your wardrobe to the top with everyday basic staple pieces.  

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5. Minimal Makeup 

When it comes to a clean style, it is also important to keep your makeup minimal. The best way to do this is to become best friends with a good lip gloss and a sleek eyebrow gel; you want your makeup to look minimal, while still maintaining a glowy ambiance that will lock in the “clean” look. Be sure to keep the colors scheme you choose for your makeup light and airy such as baby pink or neutral beiges and golds. Using minimal makeup is the perfect way to enhance your features using only what you need; you don’t need a full face of makeup, all you need to do is work through your skincare routine and then apply a glow-enhancing moisturizer to lock in the dewy look. Not only will you look more fresh and clean, but wearing less makeup will also benefit you in other ways such as helping keep your skin cleaner and helping you build your confidence in yourself more!


6. Simple, Polished Nails

The last piece of advice in our clean style guide is to keep your nails simple and polished! Although it is always exciting to go for a more funky design at our manicure, sometimes for a more clean style it is better to opt for more minimal nails such as a simple neutral color or small design. These will not only give you a chic and more sophisticated ambiance but they will also be easier to take care of than long and complicated acrylic manicures. Our personal favorite is a glossy sage green gel manicure that looks absolutely gorgeous with delicate gold accessories and will lock in the clean style vibe. Some simple designs you may want to opt for include: White french tips, a soft clean glimmer, a glossy solid neutral, or reverse french nails. 

That concludes our guide to mastering a clean style that will leave you looking polished and fashionable! Be sure to share and save this article for future reference!