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How To Make Your Own Fireball Donuts

How To Make Your Own Fireball Donuts

Fireball donuts are the perfect fall treat. Who doesn't love fireball and donuts? Here is the run down on how to make your own fireball donuts at school.

Elevate your fall game with a treat that combines fluffy donuts with mouthwatering whiskey. For a taste that can’t be beat, these donuts will leave you wanting to make a dozen. Here are the simple steps it takes to make your own fireball donuts!

Step 1) Make sure to pour oil into pan (a decent amount) this will be used to fry the donuts.

You can use either canola or veggie oil. Heat your pan to either low or medium.

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Step 2) Add some Fireball into the oil to bring out a sweetness.

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Step 3) To make the donuts you need biscuits.

For the easiest way use Pillsbury flaky layers. Use a small cookie cutter to make holes for your donuts.

Step 4) Combine cinnamon and sugar (I used cane sugar), this will act as your topping.

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Step 5) Cook donuts until brown on each side.

Once done put on a plate with paper towel over(this will rid of excess oil). While still cooling pour some of the fireball and the cinnamon/sugar combo to stick onto the donuts.

Step 6) Enjoy your boozy donuts!


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