How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out Among The Rest

Online dating has become one of the more common ways to meet people these days, especially with the pandemic. People are consistently finding both casual and serious relationships off of applications such Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. If you’re looking to find your person on one of these applications, you want your profile to stand out so you’re almost guaranteed a swipe right. Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you get the matches you’re looking for and stand out among the stack of thousands of profiles.

Choose Your Photos Wisely

You’ve probably run into those profiles where the photos completely throw you off. It’s incredibly annoying trying to figure out who the person is when they only have group pictures. This is where photos play a big factor towards whether someone will swipe right or not. Make sure you have a good variety of photos. Don’t make them all selfies, all group photos, or all with you in sunglasses. Make sure they’re good quality photos that show you in a few different scenarios. Ultimately, your photos are going to be your first impression on a potential match, so showing who you are through your photos is key. Include a couple of selfies or group pictures, but also include some personality pictures where you look genuinely happy. Add a photo where you’re doing something you love or maybe a candid shot. Give them a variety, or a potential match might not get a sense of who you are and swipe left. 

How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out Among The Rest

Show Your Personality

As online dating websites and applications have grown in popularity, they have developed more and more ways to show your personality on your profile. Two of the biggest ways you can show who you are is through prompts and your bio. When figuring out how to answer prompts, think about what will start a conversation. It doesn’t have to be particularly clever, just something you could potentially talk about with a friend. Consider making one of your prompts about a place you love to visit, a weird talent or maybe a weird travel story. If you fill your profile with conversation starters, a potential match will be more likely to swipe right since you will come across as an interesting and approachable person. Adding these elements will also make it easier for you to start a conversation with a match instead of falling to a dry and boring introduction.

How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out Among The Rest

Keep Your Profile Fresh

Once you’re done creating your profile, you can just leave it, right? You could, but everyone’s life is constantly changing, and your online dating profile should reflect some of those changes. Updating your profile consistently has benefits for both you and your potential match. Maybe you have a story or newfound interest that you could highlight on your profile, which could lead to new and interesting conversations with matches. If you leave your profile the same for a long period of time, you’ll also find yourself having the same conversations with matches over and over again. It’s always better to have up-to-date information and photos of yourself.

Don’t Focus On Being Clever

One of the ways you can show your personality is through your bio. Bios can be incredibly difficult to craft, as there are endless possibilities for what you could write. There is also pressure to make your bio clever, which can be a difficult task. When approaching your bio, focus on starting a conversation rather than coming up with something super clever. Think about something that makes you unique. Perhaps turn it into a cliffhanger, or even make it into a challenge. These kinds of bios will catch the attention of a potential match and keep them wanting more, and could lead to some fun conversations right off the bat. The goal is to show potential matches a glimpse of who you are, so keep your bio true to yourself.

How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out Among The Rest

Ask Your Friends For Help

While you might know how you want to portray your personality on your online dating profile, asking your friends for advice will help you get an outside opinion and how you might come across. Good friends know you well and see you from a different perspective than you see yourself. They know your best qualities and can help you highlight those on your profile. Who knows, you might discover they know more about you than you do. 

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How To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out Among The Rest

Don’t Be Close Minded

All too often, I see people on online dating sites that have very close minded bios, filled with requirements or statements like “I probably won’t message first.” Bios like these come across as very arrogant and egotistical. It’s always a good idea to be honest about yourself and what you could be looking for when talking to matches, but including those kinds of close minded statements will lead to people swiping left. Online dating is all about virtual first impressions, so you don’t want to paint yourself in that sort of negative light, even if you’re just trying to be upfront. 

Be Honest

When you’re creating your online profile or talking with a new match, it’s tempting to bend the truth to hype yourself up or make you seem more desirable. This approach never ends well, and could lead to matches getting a negative impression of you once the truth is revealed. Dishonesty can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress about coming across a certain way, and might cause you to overthink everything in the process. Just stay true to yourself, you don’t need to impress anyone on an online dating site.

Navigating the world of online dating can be complicated in many ways. The idea of creating the best and most truthful impression of yourself can seem like a daunting task, but it can be easily accomplished with a little self reflection and advice from friends. You ultimately know yourself best and what makes you unique. As long as you find ways to showcase that on your online dating profile, you’re sure to bring in plenty of matches.