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How to Make your New Apartment Feel like Home

We have all been there trying to move into a new foreign space, whether when you moved into your college dorm rooms, first apartments, or even new homes! Yes, it can be extremely exciting and stressful, and this is exactly why you need to make this new apartment feel like home. So often, when you rent an apartment, they come unfurnished and seem cold when you first move in, which can be daunting! So here is how we will make this bland space feel like a slice of home!

1. Picture frames

I can confirm that it is essential to have some of your favorite pictures printed out and placed in a nice frame. You can scatter these around your apartment, and anywhere you feel you could use a delicate reminder of comfort. These pictures don’t have to be photographer-level perfection either! They can be captures of your favorite moments, memories, trips, and more. Adding these pictures to your new apartment automatically makes it feel like home and offers comfort. The frames don’t need to be fancy either they can be simple! Honestly, the simpler, the better because it will allow them to be placed anywhere in your new apartment! It will enable you to put them in your kitchen, family room, bedrooms, and anywhere else you see fit.

2. Candles

If your apartment smells good, you will want to stay and enjoy your new space. If you have a favorite candle or scent, go out and buy a few of these candles. Or maybe your mom would always light a specific candle, go out and try to find it! This will ensure that your apartment will smell and feel like home in no time! Even the sight of a lite candle will create a homey ambiance! Also, they are great to keep around the apartment. I recommend keeping some scattered around your apartment, maybe one in the bathroom, a few in the kitchen and family room. The candles can also help get rid of a nasty smell. Apartments are only so big, and odors travel fast! We have all been there when you know you should take out your trash because you just threw out some of your old takeout, but you fell asleep watching Netflix and never took it out… Inevitably your apartment will smell, so what do you do besides open a window? Light your favorite candle! The odor will be gone in no time. Not only are they a practical investment and addition to your new apartment, but they are also pretty! You can definitely use these candles as a decorative statement as well! With so many sizes, colors, patterns, and scents to choose from! This can also be a great way to add color to your apartment by bringing in fun colors that can brighten up your apartment and make it feel like home!

3. Flowers and Plants

I recommend always having some plants or flowers in your apartment. I genuinely find that these bring life into your apartment. Of course, you can buy beautiful flowers from your local Trader Joe’s for a great price, pop them into a stunning vase, and use them as a centerpiece on your tables or add them to a small side table in your family room. But let’s be honest, not all of us were born to be plant parents. So great news, get yourself a fake plant, flower, or succulent! There are some adorable ones out there that look so real! And the best part is you don’t have to worry about watering and keeping them alive! I find that when I add flowers to any room, it truly puts a smile on my face when I see them! Add fake or real flowers to your apartment to give it some life and dimension!

4. Throw Blankets

Now, this is critical! You must, and I mean you must have amazing thrown blankets! If you don’t, then what are you doing? Buying simple and cozy blankets is essential to any new home because there will be Sundays when you need to cuddle up on your couch or chair and watch tv. Cuddling cannot be done without a great blanket! So, keep a cute and comfy throw blanket in your family room and bedroom, and always have an extra one for a guest who wants to share! Again, this can be a great way to incorporate more color into your apartment, or you can stick with a neutral tone if that is more your vibe. I highly recommend investing in a barefoot dreams blanket! Now, these may be pricy but worth the investment! Not only do they look fantastic in any space, but they are one of the coziest blankets I have felt in my entire life! Truly fantastic, some might say life-changing! Fret not because many other cute and comfortable blankets are also affordable! These throw blankets will have make your new apartment feel like home instantly!

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5. Rugs

Adding rugs to your new apartment is the perfect addition to make it feel more like home! Please don’t get me wrong, hardwood floor is lovely, and so are floors, but rugs will make your new apartment feel like home! Rugs will not only add comfort but also help with any sound issues in your apartment. Your neighbors will also love you because they are less likely to hear you’re walking around your apartment. Think of these rugs blankets you can walk on. It certainly will make you feel more comfortable! You can find any space to place these rugs in your bedroom by or under your bed, in your family room by your couch and chairs, or even smaller runners in your kitchen! So many options! I can confirm that adding rugs to your new apartment will give it a homier feeling.

Having a new apartment can be exciting, but the main goal is to turn it into a new home! This is all possible by incorporating throw blankets, pictures, candles, rugs, flowers, and plants! These personal touches will create warmth in your new apartment and make them feel like home.

Camilla Berckemeyer

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