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How To Make Your Loft Room Look Amazing

How To Make Your Loft Room Look Amazing

How To Make Your Loft Room Look Amazing

A loft room can be cool to turn into a living space, a bedroom, or game room that has lots of open space. Whatever you choose to do with it, make sure that you are decorating it in a way that helps keep the space open and airy, but give the room a great look. So, here are ways to make our loft room look amazing!

Use The Space Wisely

The loft room can be extra space, but they are not often the biggest room of the house. So, use the space wisely and get furniture that will fit the room. If you choose to make a living room space, then get couches and a coffee table, and hang the television on the wall. Don’t add too many pieces and make the room feel crowded. Save space in the loft room and go for the bare minimum.

If you are using the loft room as a bedroom, then choose a twin size bed, a three drawer dresser, and small bedside tables.  Keep that open space that the room naturally has, and keep things spaced out and airy.

How To Make Your Loft Room Look Amazing.

Give It A Theme

If you aren’t using a loft room as a bedroom or living space, then go with something unique. You can use the space as a movie room, complete with a projector and screen, a popcorn machine, and big comfortable theater chairs. You can get low watt bulbs for lighting to keep the room darker for an added theater vibe! Have fun with it and decorate the walls with movie reels, director chairs, and old school photos of Hollywood celebrities.

Hint: keep yourself from getting up during the movie by having a snack bar in the loft room with a mini fridge for drinks and a basket of snack food to grab from!

How To Make Your Loft Room Look Amazing.

Make Another Bedroom

Turning a loft room into a bedroom can seem like a challenge, but it really isn’t hard. The only difference is typically that a loft room is longer, instead of a 4 by 4 squared room. This can be accounted for by getting furniture that fits in the space, and possibly getting a futon bed that can fold out and be put back when you want more space. If privacy is an issue, you can put up some curtains or a folding lattice to help separate the space from the rest of the house.

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How To Make Your Loft Room Look Amazing.


This idea for a loft room requires some extra planning, but when done correctly, can be a great use of space. Go for an all-in-one room that contains a living room, bedroom, and dining space. You can use a couch bed that has a headboard on what would be the side of a regular bed which you can put cushions against so it can be used as a couch during the day, and a bed at night. Use furniture for more than one thing by getting larger side tables that you can use as a dresser, to save you from having a large dresser in the room.  You can have a coffee table in the space that will work as your dining space with chairs around it, just get a table that is tall enough to work for both purposes and you will be able to work in both spaces.

How To Make Your Loft Room Amazing.

Figuring out what to do with a loft room doesn’t have to be a hassle, so keep it simple and use the space for whatever works best for you. No matter what you do with the space, it will be a great addition to the rest of the house or apartment. Which idea would you want to go with? Let me know in the comments!
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