How To Make Your Front Door More Appealing

How to Make Your Front Door More Appealing

Your front door. It’s the first thing people see when they approach your house, and first impressions are very important. So you don’t want your door to be a letdown or give off the wrong kind of first impression. But, in many neighborhoods, you are not allowed to paint your door a color you think would look better. So here are four ways to make your front door more appealing.


This is the classic thing to do with your door. And for good reason. Wreaths are so universal and there are so many different kinds you can find. So you can add the one that you feel represents you as an individual best, whether it be classic floral or modern succulent.


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  1. Hanging Baskets

This is a more modern, and yet rustic, take on the wreath. Hanging baskets are just too great.  It is kind of a more understated and cute way to add to your door. And, you can put anything you like in them. With the additional bonus of being able to easily change the contents with the changing of the seasons. Like you can have pine tree sprigs in December, tulips in April, American flags in July, and so and so forth. So many options here! And it is so cute, and yet also kind of modern. I personally love them. Hanging baskets for the win!


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  1. Signs

This is definitely more a statement piece. But, instead of hanging some kind of foliage on your door, you could opt for something a little more personal and unique. A sign. This is not something you see every day. It is a unique choice, but will really make your door stand out. You can get a sign that says “Hello” or “Welcome”. And bonus, this also works as a great alternative to the generic welcome mat that everyone and their dog has. Or, you can get more personal and hang the first letter of your last name. For me, this would be a big W.  This is a great way to look welcoming and be more personal.


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  1. Decorate Around Your Door

If you aren’t the kind of person that wants stuff on their door, don’t worry I didn’t leave you out. Here is a great alternative and a great way to add curb appeal that doesn’t involve the door alone, but instead it uses the whole entryway. You can surround your door with plants, candles, small statues, etc. for a bigger statement. Y’all do whatever floats your boat! This will really make your door more appealing from the curb and add an awesome wow factor.


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There are so many ways other than paint that can add curb appeal to your door. And they are all such personal choices, which makes it even more fun. You get to show the world who you are before they even enter your house. You may not get to change the color of your door, but you can give it some personality in any way you choose. 

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