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How To Make Your First Concert The Best Experience Ever

Attending any kind of concert is an entire process and literally takes months of planning! But finally, you have the tickets, your hotel is booked, and your outfit is picked; it’s time for your first concert! If you have never been to a concert before, the entire experience can be sort of daunting, but once you are there and the lights dim down, it is an unforgettable experience. Here is your go-to guide on how to make your first concert the best experience ever!

Find Out When Tickets Go On Sale

This is the only hard step of the process to get ready for your first concert–the rest is a breeze! Depending on the artist or group, tickets can go on sale up to a year before the actual concert date. The easiest way to find out tour information on your favorites is to give them a follow on social media!

Seating can vary from venue to venue and then you have to decide where you want to sit and how much money you are going to want to drop on these tickets. If it is a major name in music, you will probably want to camp out on Ticket Master to get your tickets because they go super fast!

Are You Traveling?

For all of our small town girls, we know the struggle of having to drive a couple of hours in order to shop or go to concerts! Sometimes you might not have the best luck with the tour destinations and you’ll need to travel to see the concert.

For your first concert, make sure you plan all of this after you get your tickets. You don’t want to get in town right as the concert is starting as you’ll need time to get yourself ready and together for your night out! Depending on the venue’s address, there are sometimes hotels surrounding the area. This is an easy and appealing choice as you can walk from your hotel without the hassle of parking. Book it fast because it’ll fill up just like the concert!

Take a Buddy!

For your very first concert, it might be more fun to bring a pal or partner to make this memory with! You can never go wrong with a friend in any kind of situation, but we guarantee that it will be more fun with bringing a friend along. When making this decision, you might consider one of your friends that is a professional concertgoer and is familiar with the music group that you are seeing. They will help you to navigate the merch line, finding your seats, and having fun!

Plan Your Outfit

The planning aspects of your first concert experience are what takes the longest, but this is the fun part! Definitely dress in something you feel comfortable wearing for a couple of hours and something you can easily move around in while dancing and singing! Depending on the genre and overall vibe of the concert, you will want to go off of that when planning your concert outfit.

If your concert is in an amphitheater or an outdoor venue, you will want to be extra considerate with what you are choosing due to the weather. The last thing that you want is to be caught in the wrong kind of outfit and it keeps you from enjoying the music! Wear some good shoes too since you will be standing up for the duration of the night, your feet will thank you after!

Parking and Driving

There is one more thing that you will have to go through before you can actually sit down in your seats for your first concert. You need to use your best judgment with the driving and parking situation before your concert as there will be traffic and tons of other concertgoers. Plan your route ahead of time and anticipate traffic and the time it will take you to park. If you are wanting to see the show opener before the concert starts, you will add that too.

For the most part, there will be local people in the surrounding parking lots with lots of signs and various parking rates for the event. The decision can be hard with all of the options, but as long as you remember where you parked, you should be just fine!

See Also

Venue Rules and Etiquette

Most venues around the country have similar guidelines and rules, so once you know one venue, you pretty much know them all. Before you get into the venue, you have to have the right kind of bag to be let in. Sometimes this is a clear bag or a bag below certain dimensions. Make sure everything is within regulation so you can get to your seats ASAP!

Sometimes, you will get lucky with who you sit by at your first concert. Maybe it’s another big fan of the musical artist or a talkative person willing to strike up a conversation. You can handle everyone surrounding you as you normally would in public. If your tickets are standing room only or in the pit, there are a few things you should know for the first time. Know your limits with how close you want to be with other people and stand accordingly. If you think it might be overwhelming, move to the outer parts of the crowd!

The Lights Are Dimming!

Now it’s time for what you have been waiting for all of this time! The mood will shift in the room as it gets dark and you can finally see the outline of the artist on stage. Get ready to have fun! Document as much or as little as you want to remember the experience. Be in the moment and look up from your camera app on your phone to really take in the fact that you are here at your first concert with all of these people!

Which artist was your very first concert? What musical group are you hoping to see on tour? Share with us in the comments below!

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