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How To Make Your BFF Actually Last Forever

How To Make Your BFF Actually Last Forever

BFF or best friends forever, you would think it would indeed last forever, but how often is that the case? I’ve put together a list that will help you and your BFF actually stay friends forever, as long as you remember these 7 things through the years you both will be fine.

How To Make Your BFF Actually Last Forever

1. Understand That You Each Have Your Own Lives

This is one of the main things to remember when you are trying to make contact or meet up with your BFF. They have their own life, as do you. You may not always have the time to see each other constantly, or be chatting for hours on end.

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t BFF’s anymore, but you will go through patches of distance through the years. 


Adult friendships aren’t like in school, you aren’t joined at the hip making friendship bracelets for each other anymore. You are in the real world which means there are jobs in the way and other commitments. 

But contact doesn’t have to be 24/7 for you to be BFF’s. You can still be best friends even if you only chat once a week or month. If you know each other will be there for each other no matter what, they will always be your best friend. 

I find Snapchat was a life saviour with my BFF’s because it allows you to show each other what you are up to and all the important goings on without having to have a full blown conversation for hours which we all know we just don’t have the time for anymore.

2. Make Time For Each Other When You Can

Yes life will be busy, but you do need make the effort to see your BFF when you can. Whether it’s for a quick coffee or even a weekly get together at each others for a drink, you are showing that they are still a priority in your life and you love them dearly. 


Plus you need your BFF in your life so you can rant about the week you’ve had having to deal with those morons at work, or any relationship troubles. See your BFF whenever you can spare the time, it’ll be time you’ll both need to wind down from the stressful life that is adulthood.

How To Make Your BFF Actually Last Forever

3. Put In As Much Effort As They Do

Match their effort, as much as you want your friendship to last forever, you need to make sure they are willing to do the same. If you were to stop making the effort, messaging first and trying to organise meet ups, would you still see each other? Would they still be your BFF?

You need to make sure that you are both working hard to make time for each other. Nothing one-sided. If you have that then you do indeed have a BFF and you should continue making as much effort as possible to keep them in your life.


4. You May Have To Pick Up The Slack Every Now And Again

Moving forward with the previous point, matching their effort is vital because you don’t want to be the one putting the most effort in all the time. But you will need to realise that you will have to be the one putting the effort in most from time to time. It only becomes a problem when it is all of the time.

As said, life will become busy. Jobs will get hectic, life problems will get in the way and your BFF won’t be able to message as often or meet up. At times like this you will need to pick up their lack of effort to make sure the friendship still stays in place. 

Send messages checking up on them, and bring a bottle of wine to them. As long as they are willing to do the same when you are in a similar situation and they’ll pick up the slack for you as well. 

How To Make Your BFF Actually Last Forever


5. Time Apart Doesn’t Make Any Difference 

If you have a BFF then you will know that time apart makes no difference to your friendship because when you see each other again it’s like you only just saw each other yesterday. The conversation just flows and everything is right in the world again. 

It’s what great about having a best friend, you can go months without seeing them because life gets in the way but when you finally get to see them, it’s like no time has passed at all. 

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Being at a different university from my friends is tough but when I go home to the village and I meet up with them again it just flows.So you’ll never need to worry about having spent too much time away from your BFF because you can pick up right where you left off with them before. 


6. Forgive

Just like in any relationship, forgiveness is key. You can’t have a relationship last forever if you aren’t willing to forgive arguments between you both, because let’s be realistic, you will fight. You will clash with everyone at some point, a BFF is no exception. 

But how you move forward from that is what proves whether you are best friends FOREVER or not. To be forever you need to be willing to forgive and forget. 

That also means you need to be willing to be the bigger person and apologise first. If you are both stubborn and never talk again then you’ve lost a friendship over something petty, but if you can put aside your pride for a moment and save your relationship then you will be able to keep that friend around forever easily.

How To Make Your BFF Actually Last Forever


7. Have Fun 

Most importantly is that you need to make sure when you do see each other or talk to each other you have fun. A BFF is great because they share your same sense of humour and like to do similar things to you, so when you see each other laugh and have a good time and your friendship will last the test of time.

No one wants to give up the friend that can make their ugly laugh come out, so make sure you keep having fun.

How To Make Your BFF Actually Last Forever

So there are your 7 tips on making your BFF actually last forever, it isn’t hard but it means you have to put your pride aside for the most part and be willing to make the effort to keep the friendship alive. It won’t just happen naturally, a friendship requires care and attention just as much as a sexual relationship. 

Comment below what your longest friendship is and how you’ve managed to keep the BFF tag for so long. 

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