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How To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Your Home Away From Home

How To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Your Home Away From Home

How To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Your Home Away From Home

Sometimes moving into your first apartment can be scary. You’re finally on your own but that can be a lot to grasp at once. Or, if you get a new job away from you, you could miss that feeling of knowing the people you love are just a short drive away. There are ways to make your apartment feel like a home away from home so that it can feel like you’ve been living there for years!

1. Photographs

If there are landmarks or beautiful scenery where you’re from, hanging up photos of those can always help. Sometimes it’s nice to have an image of a home so that if you do begin to feel homesick you can look at that and have a reminder. Always have photos of your friends and people that you love because those are your memories. It’s nice to have a space of your own filled with memories that bring you happiness and that can remind you of good times and the stories they bring. Photographs have so much power and can bring back nostalgia. Your apartment should be filled with images that make you happy and bring you warmth inside. Having a bare apartment can make you feel lonely, so the pictures can help your place feel homey.

2. Candles

Candles can also bring back nostalgia. They can remind you of the smell of your favorite person or your favorite place. They can add soft warm lighting so that you can relax and not be surrounded by harsh lights all the time. They provide a sense of relaxation. If candles aren’t you’re thing then another great option is oil diffusers. There’s a great brand called Homesick that has candles, diffusers, car fresheners, etc. They have recreated scents that remind you of places, events, and memories. It’s a way to fill your apartment with a familiar scent that can help comfort you. Engaging some of your five senses in your apartment can make you more aware of your surroundings. While it’s not where you grew up, it’s letting your mind know that where you are is safe and comforting for you.


3. Family Recipes

Cooking food that you grew up eating can bring you right back to sitting at the table with your family. It could be Kraft Mac and Cheese or a family casserole. No matter what it is, the special occasions that you do make it, hit deep. Especially when the smell of the food fills your apartment and makes you feel like you’re back at home walking through your front door. If you have roommates, it is a special thing to share with them because you can tell them about your memories and they may even take the recipe for themselves. Some of the best recipes though are the baked goods. Nothing can fill an apartment better than the smell of something baking. Whether it’s a pie or classic chocolate chip cookies, those baked goods have some sort of memory attached to them. Plus, if you are missing home and decide to make something your family does, you get the memory AND comfort food. It’s a win, win situation.

4. Your Room

Your room is your sanctuary. Creating a vibe for your room that makes it feel like a safe place is essential to making your apartment feel like home away from home. Whether you’re back at home or in your new apartment, your bedroom will always be yours. It is decorated how you want it is where you will spend a lot of your time, too. So, making it comfy and welcoming to you will give you a safe place to be no matter the time of day. A big way to make your bedroom feel like a little piece of home in your apartment is by bringing something from your childhood there. That could be a blanket you’ve had forever, a stuffed animal, you name it. Bringing one piece of home to your new home can give you the sense of security that while you may not be at the place you grew up in, you will always still have a piece of it with you.

5. Spend Time With Your Roommates

Quality time with the people you live with is important. That could be watching a movie or cooking dinner together. Your roommates at some points can be the only person(s) you have to lean on. So, creating a safe place for you and your roommate(s) to be and getting comfortable with each other can make your apartment feel like a home. Even if it’s just going on a snack run together, knowing that you have someone when you need someone, a few steps away can make your place feel more like home. Having a roommate is so fun which is why having a good relationship with them and enjoying each other’s company can make living there enjoyable.

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6. Hosting

Hosting has got to be one of the most fun things to do when you have your own apartment. It’s also a great way to make your place feel like home. You should surround yourself with people who want to spend quality time with you and come over for wine or movie nights. It can also be reassuring knowing that your friends feel safe and comfortable in your home. Filling your home with laughter and happiness can create memories you will take with you for lifetimes to come. They can become stories you tell your children and give you something to reflect back on. While hosting can be less appealing because you’re left with all the clean-up, the giggles you get the next day looking back on the night before can make it all so worth it.

7. Plants

Having flowers, succulents, etc., around your home can make it feel more welcoming. Plants are something you have to take care of while at the same time they are bringing you happiness. Plants give off an aesthetic that is honestly unmatched. They’re beautiful and make your home feel fresh.


What are ways that you make your place feel like a home away from home? Sound off in the comments below!