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How to make Vodka Nun-chucks

Your outfit is almost complete. Now you just need the perfect prop to complete your new persona. Props after all are fun to build, fun to wield, and can help you sneak alcohol into all different places. Not to mention they help you fulfill your main propose of college; getting drunk by the most creative means possible.

So without further ado here is how to make Vodka Nun-chucks and other fun Halloween props.

Prop number one: Vodka Nun-chucks

Costumes the work for: Ninja, Bruce Lee, or Chuck Norris, Tum Tum from the Three ninja’s

Why build:

1. Who doesn’t want to drink out of  Nun-chucks

2. You probably don’t want to look like this kid.

If only he had a pair of these sung around his shoulders.







Items you will

  • Two plastic water bottles
  • Bottle of Vodka / or any clear liquid
  • Zip ties
  • Brown food coloring / Hot chocolate mix/ other brown food
  • Scissors

How to build

  1. Take your two water bottles and drain the water and replace it with Vodka. But don’t fill bottles more than ¾ full. This is important we will fill the rest later.
  2. Rip off the labels to the water bottles
  3. Next you add the coloring. If you want plain vodka use the brown food coloring. However if you wanted something a little sweeter you can add hot chocolate mix, cake flavoring, brown sugar, or maybe even maple syrup (that’s not tested). The point is, find a food that’s brown that will bleed into the vodka. Put the cap back on the bottles and shake them. The coloring will mix much easier if you didn’t fill your bottles up to the top.
  4. Now, fill Vodka to the top of your well shaken brown liquid. When you put the caps back on your chucks are complete.
  5. Now you make the chain out of zip ties.
  6. Take two zip ties and interlock them, but do not put them too tight.
  7. Slip the interlocking zip ties over the bottle and put one zip really tight around the neck. Do this for both bottles.
  8. Now the length of your chain simply depends on the number of zip ties you add
  9. Once you complete the chain use your scissors to cut off the extra part of the zip tie.

Strap those bad boys around your shoulders and no one’s opt to miss with you. To sneak them into a bar get two pieces of brown construction paper and wrap them around the bottles. Tape it down the sides so that the paper covers your bottles and you should be all set.

Item two: the Beer Can Board sword

Costumes that it works for: Knight, Barbarian, Conan, Characters from WOW, Ned Stark. William Wallace

The real Ned may have wielded the Valyrian Steel blade Ice, but you can make him proud with your Beer Can blade Ice House.

Why build: Because you are a bad ass





Things you will need

Empty beer cans (shouldn’t be too hard). Preferably ice house cans, remember Ned is no pussy.

  • Duct tape
  • Mop/broom/any stick minus the head (the length of your stick will be the length of your sword)
  • Knife to cut the beer cans
  • Plastic bottle
  • Any type of liquor

Disclaimer this fake weapon is more dangerous to make than the Nun-chucks so try not using the ice house cans you are currently finishing. Cut the cans of old beer.

  1. Use a knife to cut cans (# of cans depends on length of stick). Cut the tops and bottoms of each can in a circular pattern that’s wide enough to slide the cans onto the stick.
  2. Next we will make the pommel (the thing you hold). Give yourself a foot or so from the bottom and place a piece duct tape around it. That’s how long your pommel will be.
  3. Take two cans/or bottles (not cut) and place them on opposite sides from each other with the can touching the bottle of the duct tape strip. You will start with one can, then add the second.
  4. Place the can bottom against the stick. Tape well. I recommend criss-crossing the tap around the can and the broom. Once the first can is in place, put the second can facing the opposite direction and tape on. Now your pommel is complete.
  5. Take the first cut can and slide it down so it rests on the pommel. Now duct tape the top and bottom of the can to the sword.
  6. Slide the next can on and duct tape that to the other can and then tape the top of the can to the broom.
  7. Slide the next can on and repeat until you get to the top. The top of the top can doesn’t need to be cut
  8. Place your plastic bottle on top and duct tape it in. You just made the tip. Now fill it up with the liquor of your choice and have fun.

Now you free to conquer any foe with brute force thanks to your awesome weapon. You can even knight your fellow countrymen. When they get down on their knees waiting for their blessing they can cap the ceremony with a shot from your kick ass blade.

Item three: Wizard Staff

Perfect for: Wizard, Shepard, Jesus.

Why build: It’s a monument to your manliness. How else did Gandalf have the courage to stand up to that Balrog.

Things you will need

  • Empty beer cans
  • Duct tape

How to build

  1. Finish beer.
  2. Duct tape it to the next



See Also




Item four: Princess Hat

Perfect costume for: that princess in your life. Just kidding. Any princess character.

Why build: Because the pointy hat makes a perfect hiding spot for a flask.

Things you will need

  • Parking cone
  • Fabric
  • Bottle
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors

Or for simpler version

  • Piece of construction paper
  • Piece of fabric
  • Bottle

How to build

  1. First cut the bottom black part off the parking cone, so that you are left with only the cone.
  2. Warp the cone in fabric and tape it to the cone
  3. Attach a silky piece of fabric from the top
  4. Take bottle and tap it into the cone, so it hangs down. Make sure that it’s not too uncomfortable.


  1. Roll construction paper into a cone.
  2. Add a piece of fabric to hang down from

Now you can just rest the bottle on your head and use the hat a disguise to get it into the bar.

The fact is that you can turn any old piece of junk lying around your house into a kick ass prop for your costume. Here are just a few ideas I thought of sitting behind the keyboard. See what you can come up with. If you need help with creativity check out SR’s guide to creativity, and if you have any costume needs remember Spirit

Have fun everyone.

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