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How To Make Time For Your S.O. When School Starts

School’s coming back and in another couple of weeks you’ll be in focus-mode. You’ll probably neglect everyone including your boyfriend or girlfriend or relationship partner that you’ve been enjoying all summer. It will be a hard transition and if not done properly you could end up putting a dent in your relationship. If you don’t handle this strategically and considerately, and if you just let stress and emotions do all the talking, you’ll certainly spoil whatever feelings are left between you two. I’ve been down this road and so I’m going to share some advice to make being in a relationship and being a full-time student a possible thing. Here’s how to make time for your S.O. when school starts.

Letting Them Know The Deal

The first thing you should probably do before your schedule fills up and you have to turn them down, is mention that your classes are going to start back up and you’ll have to focus. To us, the students, this is obvious and understandable, but to people in the world outside of studies it’s not.

They just don’t get how much effort and lack of sleep is involved in being in college; and if you’re like me, you like to put your full potential into your work. You spend a lot of time making sure you’re not submitting halfway things. So letting your S.O. know what it’s like and what your schedule is like before hand will clue them in on how important school is to you and how important they are. After all, you want them to be able to fill in the spaces of your schedule with their time.

Following Through On The Schedule

Not all schedules work out as planned. Some things over lap. When the over laps become numerous and you find that you’re always pushing time with your S.O. back to do other things, that can get frustrating for them. Try to stick to the schedule even if you have to stop studying for a bit and come back to it later.

Definitely don’t try to multi-task. Sitting with someone who’s only staring at their lap top the whole time is no fun at all. Think of it this way, a two hour movie, a thirty minute cuddle/make-out session, or an hour of undivided attention during dinner goes by quicker than a three hour study or essay-writing session. So give them the time and consider it a break before you get back to the long haul.

College Is Temporary Love Is Forever

It’s important to maintain a relationship because if it’s a good one it will surpass your college years. Do what you have to do to make it through school. Drink extra coffee, lose sleep, stop caring about your hair, clean less. Whatever you have to do. Just make sure you don’t skimp on how you make time for your S.O.. When you reach the end of your degree it’ll be through and the sleepless nights will come to an end. And if you took care of that relationship, you’ll still have that special someone standing by your side. Keeping you warm on the cold nights.

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Work Together

Another thing that makes it easier to spend time with your S.O. when you’re back in school is working together. If you’re both in school, arrange study dates. You can sit quietly together and read, or help each other out if you need it. This way you’re doing something together and not pushing each other away like you would if you were only making time for studying and not them.

Relationships are important and communication is key when it comes to how you make time for your S.O. If you can talk about the things that are going on and produce actual results–like spending time together when you can, not mixing school time with their time, and being helpful towards one another–you’ll get through this just fine!

Do you have a specific complication with your schooling and S.O. you’d like to ask about? Share it in the comments and maybe you’ll get some advice. Anyone can learn how to make time for their S.O. when school starts. How do you make time for your S.O.?
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