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How to Make the Perfect Study Playlist

How to Make the Perfect Study Playlist

Music sets the pace for our daily lives and sometimes we’re not even aware of it. How can something so seemingly simple excite you, motivate you, or even completely change your mood? Just when you think you’ve heard it all, your eyes can be opened to whole new horizons. All you need is an open mind and internet access. I discover new music all the time by leaving my comfort zone. Just because hip hop and EDM are my go-tos doesn’t mean I can’t be pleasantly surprised by some underground indie rock band. So let’s talk playlists.

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Be open to new music!

My taste in music spans every genre, with the exception of country, but I will say I am making strides in that department. I am a strong believer in there being a song for everything, so naturally my life is filled with music. Being back at school means that a lot of my life will also be filled with studying. A stressful thought, but nothing the right soundtrack can’t help me power through. Many of my friends aren’t good with listening to music while they study because it turns out to be a distraction. But no worries, I have more than one kind of playlist. I’m always listening to something new, weeding out what I do and don’t like.


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Think of it as background noise!

So let me tell you – it’s best to listen to music you don’t know very well so that you aren’t tempted to rock out to your favorite song. It should be more like background music that allows you to be productive, but not put you to sleep. Silence is deadly when it comes to studying, but so are sing-a-long karaoke tunes. If music with lyrics distracts you then try listening to instrumentals of your favorite songs, or even classical music, which is known to help with concentration.

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Figure out which music platform you love the most!

SoundCloud and Spotify are your friends. SoundCloud has fewer ads than most platforms, while Spotify premium is just five bucks a month for students, and well worth it when it comes to ads and offline music. Pandora, 8tracks, etc. are all other possibilities, as well as good, old-fashioned downloading.

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Constantly update!

Once you find music you like and can actually study to, try making your study playlist.  Make sure to add to it often so you don’t get tired of it.  I’ve got you covered if you don’t think you’re up for the task of making your own study playlist. Maybe mine will inspire you. Head over to SoundCloud and search for ‘Study Buddy’ posted by powerwatts and you’re all set.


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